You may notice something special about LaTashijuna “Tasha” Daniel. Her signature color is pink and she wears it with flair and pride every single day. This festive color is illustrative of her passion and creativity in life, two qualities that undoubtedly led her to a career in teaching.

While Tasha is proud of her professional life, her number one priority and inspiration is her baby daughter, Dallas, who she calls an angel and a blessing.

Dallas was born just a short 9 months after Tasha and her husband, Jeff, were married.

Tasha and Jeff met online in mid-January 2010. They met in person for the first time the following month and quickly fell in love; but, that love faded fast as some serious problems were brought to light. For starters, the two have spent most of their married life separated. They have been on the verge of divorce for the entirety of their marriage. Is Marriage Boot Camp the last ditch effort to save their marriage? Can Tasha and Jeff rekindle their love for the sake of their family? 

Tasha’s goals in life are to “be the best mom ever, to be a loving person, to enjoy every day to the fullest and have a happy, fulfilling marriage.” But, if she and Jeff can’t find some way to reconcile at Marriage Boot Camp, she may never meet the majority of her goals.