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Gino on Kira & Damien; Sade & Aaron

Ok can we talk about tonight’s show? Two VERY different wedding locations.

One minute I’m on the cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island and the next moment in a black tie fab hotel penthouse wedding. I remember thinking when I saw the tape of Kira and Damien that there was a lot of sadness around them. When I got to meet them in person I realized Damien was really coming to terms with his father’s death and at the same time entering into his manhood by becoming a father to Kira’s son, Nicholas. On top of that, neither Kira nor Damien has a job. Come on America, we have to get OUT of this recession!!!! OK, I’m venting but this is the exact couple I want to plan a wedding for and my heart aches for them… they really need a break.

I was so glad we were able to help them out with the rings, and really want to thank Karen Karch’s Studio in the Lower East Side. I loved the moment when Damien picked out his wedding band. Wow, that was a BIG leap for him. When we met up a few days later I could clearly see the difference in him, he seemed much more confident and ready to take on the role of a father. I hope a steady job is right around the corner for him!

Can I just say it was a blast doing a wedding in Coney Island on the beach? Kira and Damien had friends and family there and I’m really glad they got that beach wedding. Plus, Nicholas and I got to ride the cyclone THREE times!!

Nathan’s hot dogs rock!!!

How do you find a venue for an intimate “Black Tie” wedding in less than two weeks?? The only way that was happening was to have major communication with my B&G, Sade and Aaron. Wishful thinking!

Sade is classic New York woman — she’s gorgeous, poised, and incredibly busy…my busiest bride ever!

I knew once I found her wedding location everything else would fall into place and she would have no problem walking down that aisle. Flawless!! Loved the dress, just what I pictured… ok but let’s back up … I could NOT track this bride down, she’s EVERYWHERE but no where I needed her! You guys didn’t even see half the footage of me running around NYC trying to find Sade to ask very important questions about her wedding.

Poor Aaron getting cornered by the twins; I told them don’t come back to the office unless you have answers. We cannot “wing a wedding.” I was relived to get them to the Hotel Giraffe penthouse to do a site inspection with me and once they signed off on it I thought Sade and Aaron needed some alone time. So I thought, let’s give them a pre, pre wedding hotel suite, champagne and lasagna. I know you’re thinking, “Gino, why did you give Sade ‘carbs’ before her wedding day??” OK, comfort food ALWAYS hits the spot and by the way did you see her rocking bod?

It was a gorgeous New York day; just enough of a breeze to turn a photographer on, cue the music and here comes the bride! There’s something very magical that happens two hundred times a year for me. The groom is in place, the guests are all standing and the bride is just about ready to take that first step and from that point on everything happens in slow motion, pure emotion. It’s a life changer. So whether it’s in a penthouse or on a beach… wherever you have your wedding, savor that moment because I promise you it will last a lifetime.