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Gino’s Top 12 Reasons to Get Married in This Economy

A former tour guide, Gino Filippone, star of WE tv’s new series Marry Me In NYC, has become the go-to guy for the “hitch-and-go” wedding.  Here, he gives us his top 12 reasons to get married in this economy. Hey, combined income never hurt anyone, right?

1. Tax breaks!
For most couples, filing joint taxes rather that separately allows you to apply for some major credits and deductions in your taxes. And if you are married and selling a home you get further benefits in the form of tax free profits on the house.

2. Combined Incomes = more income!
2 is always better than 1. Getting married means sharing expenses and being able to afford things you never could on your own. From a home, a long vacation or other big purchases, splitting the costs among two people can mean you have more expendable income for savings or other big purchases. Plus for couples that wait to live together after the wedding day, one household is always much cheaper than two!

3. Married People are Happier –
Studies show that married people are happier overall. A recent study showed that married men are 135% more likely to report a high happiness score than single men. Being in a happy marriage can allow you the support to focus on other areas of your life that bring joy.

4. Saving Money with a DIY wedding can create a more personal affair –
In this economy, DIY Weddings are in! There are so many resources to help you plan and complete wedding details that you would normally hire a vendor for. From altering your mother’s wedding dress, making decorations, and being your own DJ, it’s easy to find ways to create a wedding that truly represents who you are. Plus, you’ll feel proud of how much you contributed to your wedding. A stylish wedding starts with a memorable ceremony. Add special touches from there.

5. Get Better Medical and Job Benefits –
Take advantage of whichever spouses’ benefits are best. Some employers may even offer other rewards to those employees who transfer their coverage to a spouse’s plan.

6. Weddings are fun!
Weddings are (usually!) a time to show all the love among family members and friends. They inspire people, and even if only for a night make everyone feel good and forget their troubles. With so many depressing news items lately, a wedding can bring some sun on an otherwise gloomy day.

7. Better Wedding Deals–
Now is a great time to get married because vendors may be more willing to make deals and negotiate wedding services. Additionally, check out websites where brides sell supplies they didn’t use at their own weddings or coupon sites that offer great deals on things you’ll need for your wedding. The internet is a great resource to shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal. Do your research first and you’ll come out ahead.

8. Built in “Staycation” Partner –
Since many people are on a budget, the “staycation” is a great way to take some time off without breaking the bank. Whether you plan your staycation at home or just need an excuse to stay in on a Saturday night – your spouse will always be there to hang out with!

9. Get an All Inclusive package –
What’s the best way to get a great deal on a wedding – get an all inclusive Package rather than working with vendors a la carte. If it’s an option for you, you can save almost 50% doing it this way. Plus, the all inclusive option will keep stress levels low because all of your vendors are in one place!

10. Remember What’s Important –
Getting married in an economy like this one will help you remember what is really important. Above all else, your relationships with loved ones trump any money woes. When times get tough you’ll need the support from your partner to help you overcome problems and get back on track. As a team you can face any challenge!

11. Improve your credit score –
When it comes to applying for loans on a home or car, one spouse’s credit
score can boost the other’s.

12. Why Not?
Why wait? You shouldn’t base all your life decisions on the economy. If you’re ready to get married then there’s nothing else you need to consider. Stick to a wedding ceremony that works for your budget and start your life together with your partner.