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Marisa on Katie & Tim; Cassaundra & Joko

Katie and Tim

Gino called this one out. This bride was sooo focused on the performance and entertainment rather than her actual wedding ceremony itself. He finally brought her down to earth and basically told her the cathedral wouldn’t be a good venue for her wedding due to the massive space. Tooooo big.

He finally found the perfect location for them. Since Katie loves to sing and perform, he chose Time Square for the wedding location. She had the neon lights, the big crowd AND she was center stage in the middle of Time Square! This bride and groom had it all.

The day of the wedding I was at the hotel making sure the Bride had everything she needed and Sandy was with the groom. I got the call from Gino he needed us ASAP in Time Square to help him set up the island where Katie and Tim were getting married. We hopped in a cab and rushed over to help him but as soon as we arrived, it was already done. Leave it to Gino to grab some tourists to help out. Free labor!

As soon as the bride and groom arrived I actually took off for another wedding we had later that day in Central Park. So unfortunately I missed Katie and Tim’s wedding ceremony. But from what Gino and Sandy told me it was exactly what they wanted. Now that’s a performance!

Cassaundra and Joko

The bride is from Texas! My people! This couple was so in love….nothing was going to stop them from getting married in NYC. We basically walked into this wedding with some drama already brewing up. Cassaundra’s mom wasn’t too happy about the two of them getting married. She thought they weren’t ready to take the big plunge and also bumped heads with Joko. Yikes! Joko was determined to make things right with his mother-in-law to be before his big day.

We met Cassaundra one day to shop for bridesmaids’ dresses. As soon as she walked in with NO bridesmaids I was like, uh oh, something is wrong with this picture. She didn’t really tell us exactly what was going on but it was obvious she was struggling with some major family problems. Good ‘ole Sandy was trying to be nosy as hell and was asking her all these questions but she didn’t quite give us the info we were looking for.

On the wedding day and we ended up taking off past our departure time due to “missing sisters” drama, but overall it was a great ceremony. Gino did get hit with a small surprise though. Cassaundra and Joko brought an “extra’ minister of their own and failed to mention it to Gino until he was standing next to him. Gino asked ‘who are you’?? It was quite funny actually. Gino had to share the spotlight with another officiant but the ceremony all worked out smoothly.

Although they originally wanted Top of the rock for their wedding, these two still got the view! They got the skyline of Manhattan AND the Statue of Liberty-BONUS. It doesn’t get any better than that.