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Marisa on Lisa & Ross; Melissa & Jerry

Lisa and Ross

It was a hot day in July on a beautiful rooftop, the sun was beaming down on us…Wow was it scorching, but that wasn’t going to slow us down. For this wedding I actually came in the midst of it because I had another wedding to tend to in Central Park. It was a last minute booking for us. So I had already spent hours in the sun and by the time I got to 235 5th Avenue my makeup was down to my chin.

I knew Gino and Sandy had everything covered from decor, to flowers, to even making sure each guest had a glass of champagne in hand. So when I arrived, yep everything was set perfectly in place. Bravo to Gino and Sandy! It was time to start the wedding and Sandy was in charge of the ‘younger adults’. I think both Gino and I have it in our heads that whenever there are children involved in the wedding party, Sandy will manage that part of it. We just don’t want to deal with them, ok?

Seeing Lisa being walked down the aisle by her son Anthony was so endearing. After I had Lisa and Ross sign their marriage license to make it official, I retired in the shade. I wish you the very best, make this one stick!

Melissa and Jerry

I loved this couple. These two were so down to earth. I loved her mom, Louise, she was a hoot! I immediately had a connection with this bride because she had recently lost her father. I also lost my dad and to this day I miss him so very much. So I totally understood the emotion that was pouring out when she told Gino that she so wished her dad could be at her wedding. Gino knew at that point we had to incorporate his memory into the ceremony some how, some way.

When planning a wedding, locking down the location is the first major step. That day on the street when I was with Gino talking about Melissa and Jerry’s original wedding location I received an email from Parks and Recreation that there was a sinkhole. Ok… I never forwarded it to Gino and thought I should I tell him in person instead. Bad move. I totally shot myself in the foot. He got so upset with me that I didn’t tell him immediately. I just had so much going on that day.

Once again Sandy was in charge of the kiddies. I remember during the ceremony I kept seeing Sandy out of the corner of my eye running after this 3 year old trying to stop him from plunging into the East River. Hysterical.

After the ceremony we made a tribute to Melissa’s father by releasing a balloon in his honor. I missed the tribute because I was tending to the guests and I have to admit that really irritated me that I wasn’t a part of it. One day I will make a special tribute to my father at my wedding (don’t know when that will be) that will put a huge smile on his face. Thanks for the great memories, Melissa and Jerry! You two hit a soft spot in my heart.