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Marisa on Marry Me in NYC

Hi Everyone! I’m Marisa Pena and after shooting 12 weddings for Marry Me In NYC, I am ecstatic for the show to finally air on WE tv. This has been a crazy ride – working for an amazing wedding planner/part time officiant and perpetual perfectionist like Gino, planning over 200 weddings a year in iconic NYC locations, and tag teaming on a variety of details that take me all over the city with my twin sister Sandra…not to mention all in front of the cameras.  Phew!
Honestly, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be in the business of love.  Helping couples plan for the most important day in their lives seems an incredible responsibility, but I’ve learned how rewarding and fulfilling that can be. Before joining the team at Ultimate USA Weddings, I worked for an OBGYN…clearly a very different clientele and work day. After that career path, I worked in Production Events at a major cable company for a few years. When my old boss told me Gino was looking for a wedding coordinator, I thought, what do I know about planning a lavish wedding?  I’ve never been a conventional type of a girl, so it seemed a little out of my area of expertise.  But after meeting with Gino and learning more about his style, I realized it was a great match, I mean, skip the church…Hello Central Park!  I jumped at the opportunity to do something different with my life and thankfully, it’s been one of the greatest decisions.
I am so excited for you to experience this amazing journey with us. It is going to be a fun and exciting ride!  Gino runs a tight ship and the three of us make a great team.  Who would have thought I would have gone from the gynecologist office to becoming an ordained minister!  I love coming to work every day and hope you love it too!  I would love to hear your thoughts after each episode.