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Sanda on Katie & Tim; Cassaundra & Joko

Katie & Tim

Katie knows what she wants at her wedding and that’s music. Tim seems to be letting her take the reigns in planning their wedding. She’s a singer and a performer and you can tell Tim is so supportive and her biggest fan. So when Gino suggested Times Square as their wedding location, I was like, “Come on! You can’t get better than this!” You have the energy, the theatre, and the built in guest list, it’s all there for Katie and Tim.

Hmm, if I knew I had to be in the city in 5 hours to get my marriage license and it dawned on me that I forgot a few things at the house, I would have said screw it! My wedding versus the pair of shoes I left in the closet? It’s NYC – you can get whatever you left behind there! As long as you have your husband to be and marriage license, you’re golden.

This is a good wedding tip to all you brides to be (if weather permits): If you’re on a tight budget, secure a venue or location that requires little or no decorating. TS provided everything for us from the backdrop, to the neon lights. So if you are considering wedding locations, wherever you may be, think of places like the park, a famous landmark, or by the water.

In all, Katie and Tim’s wedding was so incredibly exciting. Her voice coach surprising her with her choir was the perfect ending to a perfect wedding. She got her music! I felt like I was watching a Broadway Show in the heart of TS. Well, it sort of was… “Tim and Katie’s Wedding” Bravo, Bravo!

Cassaundra & Joko

Love that Cassaundra is a fellow Texan! It was so endearing to hear Joko say he has chased her from city to city. NOW that’s love. I made a comment saying I wish someone would chase me from city to city and I meant it! I mean who wouldn’t? Ok, Ok… so I’m a hopeless romantic.

You could tell Cassaundra and Joko were so heartbroken when Gino told them that they couldn’t have their wedding ceremony at Top Of The Rock due to the number of guests. They made a comment saying, “We have so many memories there.” I know they do but it’s also about creating new memories.

I was so happy to hear that Joko had spoken to Sandra, Cassaundra’s mom. It was really important to me that those two started out on the right foot on his wedding day because he was about to become her son-in-law.

The wedding day has arrived and everything is in place. We’re about to sail and we’re missing 2 sisters of the bride. Are you kidding me? There goes me, Marisa and Gino running the 100 yard dash to the dock to get them. They FINALLY arrived with literally minutes to spare. I remembered not saying hello just “GET ON THE BOAT!!!” At that point, my stress meter was in the red.

At the very end, it was so special to see everyone come together and celebrate Cassaundra and Joko’s wedding with no drama.