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Sandra on Kira and Damien; Sade and Aaron

Kira and Damien

Kira, Damien and I have one thing in common. We all love being by the water! I also think of it as my safe haven. They go there to connect with one another and to be able to feel close to Damien’s father, who has passed on, which I find so incredibly special.

Damien said he was nervous taking on the role of step dad to Kira’s son, Nicholas. But he said he knew it was time to step up and be the man he should be. That made me smile. You gotta love this guy. These two are all about building family together.

Coney Island was more than perfect for their wedding location. Gino had Marisa and I decorate the Pergola for their wedding. I couldn’t reach the top so Marisa was getting frustrated with me. I could only reach so far to hang the shell decorations and she was yelling ‘higher, higher!” I could if I was 2 inches taller! But we got it done and it turned out to be such a beautiful altar.

The ceremony was stunning with the ocean and sunset backdrop but The Cyclone was the icing on the cake. I LOVE and live for roller coasters! What an exciting and fun way to end the evening. Talk about the adrenaline!

I wish this family all the best.

Sade and Aaron

I have now met the busiest bride ever! So this wedding was a bit challenging in terms of planning. Never in my history of coordinating weddings did we ever have to chase down the bride. They both are very passionate about their careers, which is good to hear. But it sucks that they don’t make time for one another because they’re both way too busy. One of the secrets to making a relationship work is making time for one another. Ah, one of the great secrets to a successful relationship.

Since we were unable to schedule time with Sade we decided to meet up with Aaron hoping he could provide us with some wedding details. So Marisa and I took a trip to the tuxedo store where he was getting a fitting to get some answers. Sorry Aaron for bombarding with you with a million questions! I could tell he was a bit overwhelmed but hey he left us with no choice. So Marisa and I walked out of there with oh, maybe 3 answers. He really wasn’t any help.

They both had the same vision for their wedding: black tie, open air, rooftop, and sophistication. And they certainly got it. Gino found a penthouse at the Hotel Giraffe that provided everything they were looking for. Aaron’s love for music came into play by him writing the music for their ceremony. How romantic is that!?

Their wedding was so beautiful! When you have a location like that with only 35-40 guests, it really makes all the difference in the world. I have never seen a bride gush with so much happiness. I wish Sade and Aaron much love and happiness and please don’t forget to make more time for one another.