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Erica Campbell on Episode 202: Bachelorette Party

Tina and I are the perfect balance to each other. When I’m down or low – she covers me and I do the same for her.  Sound issues or not, my sister and her baby needed some rest, so I handled sound check.  Here we go again with less than sound, but at the end of the day you do what you can and leave it all in God’s hand.  This was such a crazy time; insane work schedule and my baby sister’s wedding.  I was basically a missing in action Matron of Honor.  Gotta love Tina. She will change her mind. LOL. So glad Goo worked it out and found an amazing place to have Alana’s bachelorette party.  Now I’m sure many were shocked about the shirtless male servers – haha! Y’all can unclutch your pearls. It was all in good fun and in definite good taste. Sometimes it’s good to laugh and have a good time in the moment.  I’m just glad Alana was able to create memories and enjoy herself.