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Erica: Pregnant Pause

Essence Festival is big deal no matter what stage you asked to perform on, but to be asked to the main stage inside the SUPERDOME on Saturday is EVERYTHING! So PREPARATION is necessary – we can’t half step – we are bringing the gospel music industry to this stage/audience of 90,000, not just Mary Mary. So we are setting ourselves to bring it.  So, of course, to present the best we had to call in the best — LAURIE ANN Gibson!!! She not only choreographs our moves, but gives us inspiration and drive to be uninhibited and leave it all on the stage; the only thing we can’t risk leaving on the stage is lil’ baby unborn Santana.  We have to go hard, but not too hard, ‘cuz if Tina pushes to hard it could bring her into early labor and thereby cancel the show.  And if TEDDY CAMPBELL catches Tina overdoing it, he will definitely shut her/us down… Lord Jesus be with us!