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Erica Campbell on Episode 4: Proposed Hit

Hey there, it’s me, Erica. 

As you got to see this week, my husband Warryn, who’s also our producer, was trying to get us back in the studio, as he should. Tina, of course, went ahead and made things difficult by repeatedly coming late and not taking things seriously. It’s a wonder we get anything done!

On an up note, we also had Des’s proposal to Alana. He’s a good guy and I was happy to help him. You know with the cameras following and all the family watching, the pressure was on to do it big, but I think he pulled it off. As far as the whole ruining the secret thing went, I’m not convinced that Alana didn’t know, but I don’t think she found out from me. Honestly, I think it could’ve been Mommy. Why else would she try to convince me I was the one who let it slip?

Finally, this week brought up an issue I have with Tina that I’m not sure we’ll ever resolve: our differing priorities. She’s a fantastic mother, and I don’t want to take anything away from her, but when we’re being honored for what we do, especially by our uncle’s church, you don’t come late.