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Erica Campell on Episode 3: De-Tour

This episode was just painful for me to watch. Canceling a tour is major no matter how you slice it. Not only did we disappoint a ton of people, we lost a lot of money. More than I care to have to remember! What’s hard about bringing up all these feelings is that I have to shoulder a lot of the blame, and Tina’s ‘I told you so’ attitude about it doesn’t make it easier. You were right, OK? The health of my unborn child comes first, and I should’ve accepted that sooner.

Then we get to the whole situation with Mitchell and Goo. I didn’t realize until now that Goo had approached Tina about this whole retainer situation, and I’m happy Tina responded the way she did – finally something we agree on! So back to the fight with Mitch, we may have thought the retainer was a bad idea, but it’s our sister and she does a great job, and that has to be taken into account.