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GooGoo From Mary Mary Reveals: 10 Stars She’d Like to Give a Fashion Makeover!

GooGoo is the stylist behind Mary Mary’s Erica and Tina Campbell (she also happens to be their sister). She’s also worked with Vanessa Williams, Michelle Williams and other stars, so she knows what’s what when it comes to celebrity fashion. Here are 10 stars she’d like to give a style makeover, and why!

1. Oprah. Although she always looks great, she always looks “safe.” While I know this is may be because it’s her preference, I’d like to dress her in something super sexy and a little risqué.

2. Toni Braxton. Because I’ve always loved her body.

3. Gabourey Sidibe. Her complexion is so rich, and I’d love to dress her in something young and colorful.

4. Jill Scott. I feel like she needs a signature look that correlates with her music. I see it sometimes, but not consistently. Plus I friggin LOOOVE Jill. She’s awesome and beautiful!

5. Billy Bob Thornton. Because he needs it.

6. Barack Obama. Michelle’s style is slaying his.

7. Rick Ross (the rapper). I’d like to put him in something flattering for a change. We get it, you’re rich. You have a lot of jewelry. You don’t have to wear it ALL, all of the time.

8. Kimbo Slice (the boxer/mixed martial artist). I’m in awe of his strength, and I’d also like to make friends with him. (I’m scared to death of this guy!)

9. Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, c’mon, you can’t be that comfortable EVERY DAY. I’d like to at least “Ellen DeGeneres” her. Ellen is comfy and fly.

10. Dottie Peoples (the gospel singer). She HAS to 1) take something off, as she always has on EVERYTHING, and 2) meet the rest of us in 2012. I’d like to help.