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Mary Mary Stylist GooGoo Reveals Her Fall Fashion Forecast (Yes, Skinny Jeans Are Still In!)

Mary Mary returns to WE tv on December 3, which got us wondering: What will the girls be wearing this season? And what’s hot for fall in general? We asked GooGoo — Erica and Tina’s stylist, who also happens to be their sister — for her fall fashion forecast, and she had plenty to say about metallics, updos, skinny jeans and faux fur (she’d rather go cold!).

Q. What will Erica and Tina be wearing this season? How will their looks be similar and how will they be different?

The girls are wearing lots of fun metallics — stretch for Tina, of course (she gave birth on Aug. 4!). But shapes, colors and fabrics that flatter the Marys. Their looks will always complement one another’s but will never be the same.

Q. What are the hottest fashion trends for fall?

Layering with cool color combinations will be hot for this fall. Fun, long and crazy scarves will also be fun.

Q. What are the must-have colors this season?

Cool colors for fall are grays, olive, mustard, plum, browns, tans and gold metallics.

Q. Any new hair trends?

Updos are back! Not to be confused with those icky French rolls from the ‘90s, or those super sprayed-to-death hairstyles that make your hair look glued together. The new and improved updos are softer and more natural. The braided updos are a new flair that Kim Kimble started on Mary J. Blige about two years ago. The long fishtail braid to the side is also super cute. The FF’s (fashion forwards) have been rockin’ fishtails for about a year or so now, maybe longer.

Q. Do you have a celebrity fashion “muse” for fall?

I’m interested in what Gwen Stefani, Solange Knowles and Victoria Beckham will be wearing.

Q. What’s the key look for fall boots? We’re hearing that VERY high boots are in.

Boots! Tall boots, short boots, ankle boots, thigh highs, you can go crazy this fall with boots. I only ask that if it’s a faux material, let it be as [subtle] as possible. There’s nothing more horrific than an over-abundance of boot (or anything) in a faux material worn as if it were the real thing. #iCant! and #uDont!

Q. Are skinny jeans still in? In various colors?

Skinny jeans are still very much in. Get some in fall appropriate colors and rock ‘em!

Q. Which “retro” decades will be in, if any? ‘50s, ‘70s, ‘80s…

Right now I’m feeling the ‘50s as far as retro goes. I absolutely love high waist. I love bows tied around my hair. A very feminine time in fashion.

Q. What should women look for in a new fall purse? We’re hearing clutches will replace shoulder bags.

I am so glad that long straps and smaller purses, mainly clutches, are in!!! A longer strap on my big ol’ Alexander Wang Rocco bag is a godsend! I can just throw the strap around my body and use both my hands and arms to SHOP. Well that’s what I want both my hands for. Others can use their free hands to tend to the little ones or something. My point is, your hands are free!! Clutches are super fun for changing up your purse with your look, perhaps to match your other accessories. In fact, the only time I change up is for a clutch. Why? Because I can put it in my big purse in case I’m in too big of a rush the next day when it’s time to change back to my big purse.

Q. Will fall fashion be very feminine, or more influenced by menswear? We’re hearing buzz about houndstooth, herringbones and plaids.

For me, women’s fashion is always feminine. I’m into bows, girly prints, high waist, sexy fits etc. Plaid will be hot. Mixing prints is very hot right now, but should be done by people who know what they’re doing.

Q. We’re hearing that capes will be big. What should women look for in a new fall/winter coat?

I absolutely love capes! I bought one for last winter. I like that my arms can move more freely in them. Go for it!

Q. What’s your opinion on peplums?

Peplums are super cute ON THE RIGHT FIGURE and the right size. They’re not for curvy girls like myself with hourglass figures. They make the hips look bigger — I don’t need ANY help with that.

Q. Will fur be popular? Faux or real?

I say go real or go cold! Either you’re gonna do it or your not. The faux idea irritates me greatly – sorry, PETA. There’s always wool, cotton and other animal-friendly materials. But please don’t “faux” me!

Q. Is it true that Fifty Shades of Grey is inspiring S&M fashion?

The only think I know about S&M fashion is the use of latex material for fitted shiny dresses. I, for one, have to be able to wear my handy dandy good ol’ girl to keep my “items” in tact. So latex is out of the question for me. Plus, when I hear the word “latex,” I think condoms. When I think condoms, I don’t think “outfit.” I saw a couple of ladies from the S&M world/industry that looked great in these very form-fitting pieces. But all I could do was wonder was how bad they were sweating under that plastic. To each her own.