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Tina Campbell on Episode 202: Bachelorette Party

I’ve always heard every pregnancy is different, but now I know for myself. You know you get it in your head and say, “I’ve been here and done this, I can hang.  Yep, then your body and your baby say, ‘Ma’am, have a seat.’ LOL!”  Once I listened to my body and rested I was good to go and ready to GO GET IT!!! The mind is amazing; it’s like I fix it in my mind to give it my all on stage, but as soon as I got off that stage I was done. HA! I’m not thinking about Erica or Goo trying to act like I’m old and boring.  What I knew was that was that Teddy was not going to go for a backyard full of ½ dressed men at his house.  Alana is getting married and Tina is “staying” married – LOL!  Sorry Goo, this party can’t never happen at my house!