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Tina Campell on Episode 3: De-Tour

I have one thing to say after watching this show: it’s something I told my sister repeatedly, this pregnancy is different and you have to account for that. With Meela I went through a very difficult situation with her being born prematurely, so I know what the repercussions can be and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially my sister.

So what happened? She didn’t listen, waited until it was too late and cost us a lot of money (oh my goodness it was a lot), and all we can do is rebuild from here. Let’s just not let it happen again.

Seeing the whole conflict between Goo and Mitch brought up a couple things for me. First, Mitch really has to be a little more sensitive around our family, even if they go too far. Second, we’re not going to put Goo on a retainer any time soon, but she really does come through for us and we have to remember that.