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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, All Night Wrong

Mitchell and the ladies are preparing to perform for Lionel Richie in a tribute at the Apollo Theater.  Mitch just wants to check in to make sure everything is going down to make sure everything is good to go.  MMQuote: “The fitting is not the problem, Mitch.  The song that we don’t know is the problem.”  The Apollo is a huge, broad audience… and a huge deal.  With Essence coming up, the sisters really need to get it together.  Of course the name “Justin” could only stay out of the conversation for so long, and Mitch begins to fill the Marys in on his side of the story.  Warryn also jumps in, filling Mitchell in on what he has heard about the argument as well.  MMQuote: “It affects my business relationship with the Marys.”  Tina and Erica just about have had enough when they hear Justin has told Mitchell he is replaceable since he is “marrying family”.  Justin, hate to say WE told you so… MMQuote: “I ain’t liking what I’m hearing.”  This is not a good look for Justin, especially because it is appearing that he is getting involved in Mary Mary affairs.  Unfortunately, last time we checked Justin was not on their bank roll.  MMQuote: “You ain’t never coming in and replacing no business arrangement.”

Before Erica hits the road, she heads to see the doctor about her progressively worse headaches.  Dr. Freedman attributes it to high blood pressure, and wants Erica to think of it as a wakeup call.  High blood pressure can lead to a stroke or heart attack, so it’s imperative Erica takes all precautions necessary to get her blood pressure down to a safe level.  MMQuote: “Too freaking young to have high blood pressure.”  Anything that will reduce Erica’s weight is a great start, so Erica needs to just start taking care of herself more with diet and exercise.

Erica is heading to Miami for her anniversary trip with Warryn, but she will also need to fill him in on the serious prognosis the doctor gave her earlier.  She just needs to find the right moment.  In the meantime, Warryn and Erica will enjoy some alone time in the sun on some jet skis.

It is FINALLY Alana’s bridal shower (WE felt like this day would never come)!  MMQuote: “I’m just extremely proud of the woman she’s become.”  Des has really proved himself to the family, and they have welcomed him with open arms.  It is an understatement to say everyone is excited to have him become part of the family.  Since she is not able to be there in person, Erica has written a letter for Tina to read out loud to Alana at the show.  With tears in everyone’s eyes, Alana thanks both families for coming to her shower, and expresses the joy and excitement she feels about her upcoming nuptials.

Back in Miami, Warryn and Erica reflect on the past 11 years.  However, Erica needs to tell Warryn what Dr. Freedman told her during her visit.  MMQuote: “Warryn is absolutely right.  I have to take control of this right now, but early retirement?  That ain’t happening.”

At the end of the day, Goo vents to Justin via Skype about all the work she is doing for Tina and Erica involving Alana’s wedding and Mary Mary.  MMQuote: “Don’t call me because your earring back is missing.”  With that, Justin offers to “fight” Tina and Erica much like he did Mitchell.  Ummmm… what?  However, WE are so glad Goo admits that Justin took it a bit too far.  MMQuote: “You were being a jerk… If you get beat up by Mitch, you get quit by GooGoo.”  It’s clear that Goo knows it wasn’t the place for Justin to get involved in Mary Mary business.  After this convo, Justin decides to let Goo know he’s been looking for some “hardware”.  Is it us, or is his timing impeccable?  Talk about a diversion.

The groom and the groomsman head to the tuxedo shop to get hooked up for the wedding.  MMQuote: “Now you have to learn two words that will get you through marriage with an Atkins girl… ‘yes, dear.’”

The ladies are getting equally hooked up as they get their final fittings for their bridesmaid dresses.  MMQuote: “Ooo they look good in their dresses.  Jay did his good work.”  And with perfect timing, Goo let’s Honey and Erica know that she and Justin discussed engagement rings the other night.  Excuse us as we go hide behind our office chair and watch through guarded eyes.  MMQuote: “You don’t know him.  You just met this boy.”  Oddly enough, we aren’t the only one to run away and hide because Goo takes off leaving only a puff of smoke behind her.  However, she is not fast enough.  Miss Honey catches her before she has a chance to bolt into a room to change out of her dress.  MMQuote: “You just met the man yesterday.”  Goo uses the excuse of some dried up insides as a reason to expedite the process, but these Atkins women are not buying what she is selling.  MMQuote: “One wedding at a time.  I can only take so much!”

The sisters hit the Big Apple and Sony Records to discuss phase two and Essence.  The sisters will be performing at the Superdome’s main stage.  MMQuote: “Gospel artists have never been asked to be a part of this stage performance.  We get to squash those misconceptions that we can’t hang cuz we’re gospel.  Cuz we can hang.”  Erica stresses the importance of proper schedule so the sisters can focus on the schedule and rest their voices.  They are going to NOLA to perform.

Tina and Erica are extremely nervous for their Apollo performance.  MMQuote: “I’m upset because I know you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.”  Tina wants Erica to have her back in case she forgets her words, but you can’t be having any sort of a backup plan when it comes to performing for Lionel Richie at the Apollo!  MMQuote: “Come on, Tina.  Really?  I can’t do it alone.”  As the sisters arrive at the Apollo, they are greeted by the one and only Gladys Knight.  MMQuote: “Everybody who has made it to legendary status has performed at the Apollo.”  Since Gladys and Lionel represent everything Tina and Erica want to accomplish, it is so important that tonight goes well.  However, during sound check, Warryn and Mitchell start to realize a few things are off and perhaps the Marys are not completely prepared for this performance.  MMQuote: “I’m a little more than worried for tonight’s performance.”

Warryn isn’t the only one with reservations.  As the wedding day approaches, Goo is a bit apprehensive about how Tina and Erica are going to act around Justin since it will be the first time they have seen him since Mitch vs. Justin, Round 1.  MMQuote: “Do that crap before my wedding.  Don’t bring that to my wedding.”

Back at the Apollo, Erica is trying to practice Tina’s vocals and lyrics with her.  However, Tina is really struggling with the song.  MMQuote: “We’re in the dressing room and they’re still learning lyrics.”  This is all getting to be a lot for the sisters to deal with.  WE just hope they can get it together before they hit that stage.

As the sisters hit the red carpet, Tina is all over the place.  MMQuote: “I gotta get it together, but I’m a little uneasy.”  With that, Tina takes an awful fall as she walks into the venue.  MMQuote: “She is on the ground and all I can think of is, ‘is that baby ok?’”  God bless, Tina though.  She gets up and hits the red carpet.  MMQuote: “ Lionel Richie is expecting a good tribute, and we’re gonna give a good tribute.”  And with that, Mary Mary delivers a fierce tribute that makes Lionel Richie proud (based on his smile and dance moves).  However, Tina and Erica aren’t happy with their performance especially since Erica flubbed the words.  Mitchell may not want to hurt Mary Mary’s confidence, but Warryn does not have that issue as their producer.  MMQuote: “He just won’t say it, hit it and quite it.”  Warryn thinks their performance was actually terrible, and the sisters cannot afford to have this happen at Essence.

Back in L.A., the Apollo performance follows the sisters home.  Warryn still is disappointed with Tina and Erica’s performance.  MMQuote: “If you want to be in this industry, you gotta stand out.”  Warryn feels the sisters can’t go by what others think and feel, and they need to start redeeming themselves.

Will Goo finally reach her breaking point with Justin?  With Alana finally crumble under the bridal pressure?  Has Justin officially pissed off Mary Mary?  WE want to know what you think!