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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Bachelorette Party

MMQuote: “If I feel like I’m about to put my baby in danger and have this baby early or have this baby unhealthy, then I’m going to have to stop.”  Mary Mary is exhausted from Promo Week, and with 3 more cities and days left on the schedule they must start taking caution.  Erica tries to handle sound check on her own, but it is not going well.  MMQuote: “Lord, please let the sound be right.”  Tina makes it to glam and is planning on performing with Erica.  As they go one stage, all the issues are left on the sideline and the sisters are there to give the people what they want.  MMQuote: “I’m gonna push myself.”  However, there seems to be an issue with the key change in “Thank You Lord”, and Tina is convinced it is the team’s fault.  The Marys talk over the issue with Gerald, and it seems as if the problem was because Tina was singing in the wrong key.  MMQuote: “Yeah, it’s in the wrong key because you started singing too fast!”  Regardless, the band should have switched keys quickly when they realized Tina was singing higher.

MMQuote: “There goes issue #1, and in walks issue #2.”  Goo is having some issues balancing her responsibilities as stylist of Mary Mary, and maid of honor at Alana’s wedding.  Erica is adamant about Goo coming to New York to make sure they do not have a style slipup again.  MMQuote: “I have to make sure the clothes are right.  I have to.”  Tina starts to defend Goo by saying it was Erica’s fault the clothes from the fitting didn’t work during the tour.  Erica isn’t putting blame on Goo, but just wants to make sure everything is right for the next city.  MMQuote: “Something’s gotta give, and at this point nothing’s giving.”  Not only are Erica and Goo unhappy about the situation, Alana is as well.  So much in fact, she hangs up on her sisters when she hears they will not be in town until the day of her bachelorette.

Even when they are home, the sisters are torn in multiple directions.  As much as Erica would love to spend time with her kids, she still needs to tend to MOH duties with Goo and Alana.  As Alana flexes her Bridezilla muscles, Goo has no tolerance.  MMQuote: “You about to be a dead almost-bride!”

Tina is just happy to be home.  MMQuote: “Mary Mary gets a break.  Tina doesn’t get a break, so it’s time to go home and go to work.”  Tina and Teddy’s house is in the middle of a repainting, but Tina wants to be home when the work is being done.  The only problem is that Tina is rarely home these days, and pregnant women cannot be around paint fumes.  WE think the hormones may be messing with Tina a bit, making her speak irrationally.  MMQuote: “Because I’m a smart husband, I never make the decisions by myself.  I always include her.”

If only this wedding planning would go as smoothly as Tina’s remodeling!  As Alana rattles off items Goo and Erica, Goo attempts to multitask and talk a bit of business with Erica.  #FAIL.  MMQuote: “Let me finish my wedding stuff, and then you can go back to being Mary Mary.”  Alana feels left in the dark about the bachelorette party, and with Erica and Goo both traveling she is not very confident that this will all come together.  MMQuote: “Check this out baby Bridezilla.  It’s just a bachelorette party!”  Erica tries to be the voice of reason, but Alana doesn’t want to compromise (and it looks like Goo doesn’t want to go to NY).  Erica finally caves, and allows Goo to stay home with Alana.  MMQuote: “I am not happy at all.  I need GooGoo in New York.”

Erica is meeting with Mitchell to tell him Goo will not be going with them to New York, but Mitchell is still heated over the last stop in New York.  MMQuote: “You just keep making excuses for her.”  At this point, this news about Goo staying in L.A. may send Mitchell over the edge.  MMQuote: “I don’t manage the wedding, I manage Mary Mary!”  Mitchell is not optimistic about this, but Erica insists that everything will run smoothly without Goo.

The Mary’s hit Brooklyn for the Something Big contest.  MMQuote: “Today is going to be hectic, and it’s going to be busy, and it’s going to be exhausting.”  On top of the press around the Something Big contest, Tina needs to show Laiah a good time in New York.  MMQuote: “I want to go back to the hotel and sleep before my concert, but I have to have fun with my baby.”  Tina is having a little difficulty keeping up with Laiah’s excitement and energy.  Between Juniors, running around the park, and looking at the Statue of Liberty, Tina is exhausted.

Back in LA, Goo and Joi interview the “entertainment” for Alana’s bachelorette.  MMQuote: “I’m nervous about all the touching and what not.”

New York must be bad luck for these sisters!  Not only did Tina make Erica feel bad about trying to force Goo to come to NY, but now Tina’s pants aren’t fitting properly.  MMQuote: “If my memory serves me correctly, someone (TINA!) told me I needed to get my stuff together in L.A..”  Tina now must sew the pockets of her pants closed to avoid another fashion disaster.  MMQuote: “I’m a seamstress.  I get the job done.”

Alana’s bachelorette is finally here, but Tina is not happy about the “male waiters”.  MMQuote: “You can’t just go disclose the details of the event at the last minute!”  This is the final straw for Tina, and she tells Goo to find another location.  MMQuote: “Backing out of your obligation at the last minute is not good, ever.  Just know I ain’t buying it and I could care less that you’re just a flake.”  Luckily, Goo finds a new location in the Hollywood Hills, and Alana looks thrilled.  It could be because she and her guests are being served by a staff of extremely buff, ripped, men!  MMQuote: “More meat please!”

The ladies get a phone call from Mitchell, and no one knows whether this is good news or bad news.    Luckily it’s good news, and Mary Mary has the #1 Gospel album in the country!  MMQuote: “Not so bad Mary Mary.”  Their hard work has definitely paid off!

Will this wedding drama ever end?  Is Tina doing too much while being seven months pregnant?  Will the issues with Goo and Mitchell finally come to a head when Justin puts himself in the mix?  WE want to hear from you!