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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Boyfriend Drama

Erica and Goo are attempting to accomplish more wedding errands Alana has given them as the maid and matron of honor.  Erica will be juggling the bridal shower, an anniversary trip with Warryn, the wedding, and more Mary Mary appearances in the next coming weeks so something’s gotta give!  Erica has made the decision to not attend Alana’s bridal shower so she can go on a trip with Warryn.  Now, we get that you need to do certain things to make your man happy and your marriage work, but missing your sister’s bridal shower is a bit much!  As they meet up with Alana at the reception space, Alana’s stress is transforming her into a baby Bridezilla. To make it all worse, Erica is choosing now to tell Alana she will not be at her bridal shower.  MMQuote: “What the crap.”  This conversation takes a turn to the nasty as Goo tells Erica she has not been involved in the wedding planning.  Now, didn’t Goo and Erica already talk about Erica’s RSVP of “no” in the car?  Why is she stirring the pot now in front of Alana?  MMQuote: “I can’t neglect him just because I’m the matron of honor.”

Tina and Erica are in North Carolina for JoyFest, and Meelah has tagged along for some mother/daughter time at the amusement park.  This is also a time for Goo to meet up with Justin, which is all fine and good until it starts to distract her from her responsibilities.  MMQuote: “Justin is 23.  GooGoo went to a playground and picked up a boyfriend.”  All Tina and Erica are asking is for the couple to take their time in this relationship and not rush into anything.  At the hotel, Meelah is getting some pent up energy out, and Tina and Erica talk about Alana’s bridal shower and Goo’s comments about Erica’s lack of help.  MMQuote: “It’s my anniversary and I’m working.  What the heck is that?  11 years and I’m in a hotel.”  Tina can sympathize with Erica because she sacrifices just as much.  The last few years have been crazy, but each of the sisters have different plans for Mary Mary after Tina gives birth.  With five children, Tina isn’t willing to sacrifice her time at home to tour.  MMQuote: “Where does that leave me, Tina?  You’re forcing me to do stuff on my own.”

As Tina and Meelah head to the amusement park, Goo and Justin hang out in the lobby of the hotel.  Justin chooses this as a great time to talk about Goo moving to Atlanta.  MMQuote: “I’m not thrilled with having to move to Atlanta, but if that’s what needs to happen then that’s what I’ll do.”  The only thing is it looks like Justin isn’t willing to budge and possibly move to L.A. even if a big opportunity comes up.  Aren’t relationships give and take?  On top of that, Justin is meeting Mitchell for the first time today and it looks like he’s coming out guns blazin’.  There is some concern about how Justin will handle this conversation, but it sounds like Justin may let out his “crazy side”.  WE can’t wait to find out what exactly that means.

It is 5 hours until the concert and Tina and Meelah are still at the amusement park.  Tina is a committed mommy for sure, and she will do anything to make her little girl’s day great… including that helicopter ride!  MMQuote: “I’m in the game already and I can’t quit.”  Tina is exhausted after all those rides, and she needs to get back to the hotel and rest up before this concert.  But since Meelah wants to go on one more ride, Tina pushes it to the max.  After the ride starts, Tina realizes it was a big mistake and makes the conductor stop the ride.  MMQuote: “This is over.  The end.”

Back at the hotel, Mitchell is attempting to have some alone time and in walks Justin looking like he’s about to get things started.  Mitchell seems to be carrying on what he thinks is just some civil, P.C. conversation until Justin brings up Mitchell’s relationship with Goo.  You can tell by the smirk on his face he is not asking just to be friendly!  MMQuote: “I’m asking you.  Are you disrespecting my woman?”  Mitchell looks a bit blindsided, and thinks he truly doesn’t owe Justin an explanation.  His relationship with Goo is business, and since Justin isn’t employed by Mary Mary we think he should stay out of this drama.  MMQuote: “Why are you coming and asking me about family business when you’re not family?”  Point 1 for Mitchell.  However, this escalates quickly between Justin’s comments and him patting Mitchell on the pack.  WE all know that wasn’t a pat on the back for a job well done, Justin.  And you keep doing it!  Come on, Justin.  Respect the man enough to stop instigating this argument, and just say what you wanted to say.  MMQuote: “I respect your desire to protect your girlfriend, but honestly my friend, this ain’t high school.”  WE have to agree with Mitchell.  The way Justin is handling this issue is very unprofessional and quite antagonizing.  WE can’t see this helping the situation at all.  MMQuote: “If there was a respect issue, this just took it to a while ‘nother level.”  Mitchell is showing a lot of restraint during this conversation, but enough is enough when Justin continues to touch him and get up in his face.  MMQuote: “Excuse me.  Can you call security?  I’m being harassed.”  This is just a bad situation, and someone needs to have the sense to end this conversation.  Luckily, Justin agrees he should leave, but not before he puts his hand on Mitchell’s back (for the 100th time).  Enjoy that beer, Mitchell!

Goo and Justin meet up to head to the concert, but Justin fills Goo in on how he scared and intimidated Mitchell.  No, Goo… this was not grown up talk.  MMQuote: “I love my dear, sweet Justin, but he just made things a bit more complicated.”  You can say that again, Goo.  Although, you probably should have not had Justin talk to Mitchell in the first place in order to avoid this mess.

Mitchell and Mary Mary are on their way to JoyFest to perform, and Tina fills Mitchell in on her busy afternoon.  MMQuote: “Sometimes in Tina’s quest to be ‘Mother of the Year’ it’s at a detriment to what can happen professionally for Tina Campbell and Mary Mary.”  Mitch is right.  Something’s gotta give before Tina breaks.  Mitchell is also right about something else; he refuses to involve Tina and Erica in this Justin/Goo/Mitchell triangle of drama.  However, it doesn’t help that now Mitchell has to see Justin at the concert.  It also doesn’t help that Tina and Erica don’t want Justin involving himself in Mary Mary business affairs at all.  Now, back to exhausted Tina.  She sits down during the performance because of the busy day she had with Meelah.  She is burning the candle at both ends!  MMQuote: “This was not a good decision to be out in 98 degree weather doing rollercoasters at seven months pregnant.”

Goo seeks out Mitchell to try and clear the air after the Justin debacle.  WE commend Goo for making the effort to make things right, especially when it was because of her man getting involved where he probably shouldn’t have.  However, it looks like Mitchell is looking for an apology straight from the horse’s mouth.  Sorry Mitchell, WE don’t think that is going to happen.  MMQuote: “I’m disappointed he took it to that level.”  Respect is the ultimate goal for both Mitchell and Goo, and WE think they both need to work on that in order to get along.  MMQuote: “Me and my man are going to stand together, and the rest of them can fall as far as I’m concerned.”  WE hope everyone can settle this ASAP for the sake of the business, or else this will start affecting everyone including Tina and Erica.

Will Alana check her Bridezilla attitude at the door?  Will Goo and Mitchell resolve their issues despite the drama Justin caused?  Will Goo be able to handle it all?  WE want to hear from you!