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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, De-Tour

With the cost of canceling the tour looming over everyone’s heads, Mitch tries to convince Goo she should take a cut like the rest of the team.  Erica is still experiencing contractions, and Tina has a pregnancy issue of her own!

Mitchell meets with the sister to discuss the backlash of the canceled tour.  MMQuote: “We absolutely love our fans, so canceling is a really, really big deal.  I feel horrible about it because it’s all my fault.”  With the main cause of the cancelation being Erica’s pregnancy issues, Mitch is quick to say, MMQuote: “This better be the last pregnancy.”  Tina adds more fuel to the fire by telling Mitch she had been too busy to take her birth control, and she doesn’t know if she is currently pregnant as well.  Poor Mitch’s jaw almost hits the table!  With everyone concerned about the total loss, the team adjourns until the next day where Mitch will have final losses to discuss.

After already breaking the news to Mitchell, Tina decides to tell Teddy she may be pregnant.  MMQuotes: “I don’t want more kids.  I don’t.”  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Tina is not pregnant… yet!

Treiva and Mitch have spent all morning canceling the tour, and the marketers want to be compensated as well.  If they don’t compensate the promoters, they may lose promotion for any future tours in the Mary Mary’s key markets. MMQuote: “I have to disappoint a lot of promoters today.  My job really sucks.”

With final totals in, Mitch meets with the sisters to discuss the total loss the duo will incur.  When the sisters ask for the good news first, Mitch drops the bomb.  MMQuote: “I don’t have any.”  With the loss of deposits, wardrobe, vendors, etc the total is around $250,000!  With Erica seeing her sister’s reaction, she gets emotional and professes her apologies.  MMQuote: “God is good. This don’t make or break our lives.”  On the upside, the sisters are able to attend local charity events that were previously conflicting with their tour schedule.  MMQuote: “Focus on the future.  That’s all we’re gonna do.”

Erica and Honey work to clean the kitchen, and Honey is concerned Erica is overdoing it.  With Erica going into the studio to record a blog, Honey thinks she is pushing herself for no reason.  With Honey having to struggle so much when the kids were young, Erica inherited a huge work ethic.  MMQuote: “I’m sure God is pleased, but he will be more pleased if you take care of yourself.”  MMQuote: “You can come from nothing and still have a whole lot.”  It’s clear that fans mean everything to Mary Mary, and they are the reason they work so hard.  It is important to the sisters that they record this video blog so the fans can truly understand why they needed to cancel the tour.  What a great way to thank the supportive fans, guys!

Mitch, Erica, Tina and Goo arrange a sit down to discuss an upcoming event and the financial situation.  Before Tina and Erica arrive, Mitch asks that Goo take a reduction.  MMQuote: “I am not taking no reduction. I work way too hard for them.  Always over and beyond.”  The sisters hear the arguing from outside the restaurant, and they immediately want to know what this conversation is about.  Currently, Goo is the only member of the team that is not agreeing to take a reduction.  MMQuote: “When you cut us, we all bleed Atkins.  Tread lightly.  I can rip my sister up, but you cannot.”  With Goo having completely finished her styling jobs prior to the cancelation of the tour, the sisters will respect Goo’s wishes to not take a reduction.  While this subject is hot, Goo brings up her wishes to be paid on retainer.  MMQuote: “You ungrateful thing! What is wrong with you!?”  With Goo not getting the answer she wants, she tells the sisters that either they pay her, or she is out the door.   MMQuote: “Don’t be giving someone no ultimatum, because you can step and we can find someone else.  So don’t go there.”  With that, Goo walks out!

After this whole conversation hits a high note, Erica starts to experience intense contractions.  The sisters jump in the car and head to Dr. Freedman’s office.  With the possibility of premature labor being a huge factor, Erica asks what would be the situation if she goes into labor within the next week.  MMQuote: “She would have to be in the newborn nursery for about 2 months.”  As Dr. Freedman is about to start a test, Tina thinks it may be a good time to take a pregnancy test.  While Warryn starts to break out into a sweat in the corner of the room after hearing the news, Erica questions her commitment to the group.  MMQuote: “I do want to be in the group, but I do have to be in this marriage.”  Now, Tina… could you have waited until after your sister was checked out before asking for the pregnancy test?  Luckily, Erica’s test comes back normal and she is told to relax. With that, there is a knock at the door regarding some other test results.  With a resounding “negative”, relief is quickly echoed throughout the room.  Erica proceeds to asks for her “pregnant shine” back.

With Saturday’s event only a few days away, the girls need to know if Goo was serious about no longer being part of the team.  MMQuote: “I’m done.  If you can’t come up with a retainer, you’re not going to have Goo.”  With Tina not willing to respond to Goo’s ultimatum, this looks like it’s not going to end well.  Goo refuses to budge.  MMQuote: “God Bless you!”  MMQuote: “I don’t care who you are.  You better be Jesus the Christ if you’re going to present me with an ultimatum cuz you ain’t need it like that!”

It is soon back to business, and the firedrill of the hour is finding something for Erica to wear.  It seems like last minute requests are quite frequent with the duo, but this time Goo is busy with another client.  Goo realizes that family comes first, and tells Erica she will be there soon.  MMQuote: “They’re my sisters, and I want them to look great.  I want them to shine.”  While Erica waits on Goo’s arrival, Tina gets dressed.  With Erica still in a tshirt, she thinks Tina should maybe be a little more understanding and sympathetic instead of strutting around in her cute clothes.  While WE agree Erica may need a bit more sympathy, it’s still only about an hour until the event and these girls have to go!  Thankfully, it’s Goo to the rescue, arriving with hangers full of clothes.  When the subject turn to Mitchell, Goo seems to be a little less forgiving, but Tina provides her with advice she can take straight to the bank (literally).  MMQuote: “Don’t mess up your sister relationship or your paycheck!”

With the girls in the limo, they are finally ready to go.  Once arriving at the event, Goo is quick to make a bee line passed Mitch and sit down.  With the two of them trying their best to avoid each other, WE think this event will go perfectly… or they’ll just continue to stare each other down.  MMQuote: “If Mitchell and I are meant to get along, it is going to take a miracle only God can perform.”  MMQuote: “I don’t think Goo and I will get passed this.”

Will the sisters be able to put out a new record?  Will the sisters get the Grammy nomination?  Will Goo and Mitchell be able to co-exist on Team Mary Mary?  Let us know your thoughts!