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WE Tell All: Essence of the Conflict

The sisters fight traffic with a police escort to get back to the convention center for the sisterhood panel at Essence.  MMQuote: “So we’ve been on this roller coaster ride, I get them on stage, and now we can breathe.”  The panel is hosted by the fabulous Michelle Williams (who is also our favorite hairstylist, Kim Kimble’s client), and the sisters jump right in by sharing their sister beef!  MMQuote: “We go hard, but we apologize big.”  The sisters have a great time on the panel, but compared to the crowd of 90,000 they will be performing for on Sunday this ain’t no thing!  MMQuote: “Ain’t that alright?”

MMQuote: “You never pull an artist from a performance while they’re in the building.”  Warryn feels like he needs to have a serious discussion with Mitchell about him pulling the girls from their charity performance.  Is it just us, or is Warryn more visibly involved this season?  WE can’t get used to it!

Tina and Erica head to rehearsal to get everything right for their huge Essence performance.  MMQuote: “Performing on the main stage after trying to get here for so many years, we gotta be good.  Better than good.  We gotta be leaving our souls on the stage.”  But, when Tina starts to sit down in rehearsal everyone starts to get a little concerned.  Then Micromanager Tina comes out, and starts drilling the background singers hard.  MMQuote: “Me? I want to focus on me because even if they mess up, I want to make sure that I don’t.”  Erica looks like she is about to lose her patience, and she can’t help but explain that frustration to Tina.  MMQuote: “The last thing we need right now is an argument.”  The sisters take the conversation to a private place so they can talk about it further, but neither sister understands each other’s point.  MMQuote: “We have wasted enough time.”

After that exhausting rehearsal, the Marys are glammed up and ready to receive their Lifetime Achievement Award from Essence.  MMQuote: “I am too excited!”  Many well known gospel stars have come together to honor Mary Mary, and it is truly an amazing event.  However, Tina gets off stage to deal with an inconsolable son back home in L.A..  MMQuote: “I know Tina is a mom first, but to leave during a tribute to take a phone call that was about death or someone falling in the pool?  Who does that?  Who does that?  Tina does that, obviously.”  The sisters are speechless and so grateful for this honor, and having such well respected members of the gospel music community honor them is far beyond anything they could have imagined.  MMQuote: “You took everything I was and made me what I am.”  It is truly a humbling experience for Tina and Erica, and they do not forget to thank those who have gotten them to this point.

The day of the biggest performance of Mary Mary’s career is finally here!  MMQuote: “God, this is a huge facility.”  The sisters only have 30 minutes for their sound check, but the sisters are faced with some issues as soon as they start practicing their opening.  With the time it is taking the sisters to work out their entrance, they are left with little time to have a proper sound check.  MMQuote: “I’m pregnant, I’m hormonal, I’m not 100% myself, and I’m not getting over the fact that this is not going the way I would like to as quick as Erica is so she’s frustrated.”  The sisters are kicked off after 45 minutes, and unfortunately did not have enough time to practice each one of the songs being performed.  MMQuote: “If we’re not incredible on this stage tonight, they won’t invite another gospel music act back.”  To make matters worse, Warryn is looking for “clarity” on yesterday’s charity performance mishap now. Warryn, could you have waited until you got back to the hotel or at least until you were in the car service back to the hotel?  At this point, WE can’t tell who is overstepping the line and who has a right to call what shots.  WE are confused!  MMQuote: “Keep writing hits and I’ll show you the money.”

Backstage at the Super Dome, the sisters are trying to get ready and work through their nerves.  Of course Tina’s nerves are causing her to nitpick at the smallest details, like the way GooGoo sewed the zippers on to Tina’s leggings.  The sisters are also taking this time to watch their rehearsal videos and run through their choreographed steps.  WE’re worried!  MMQuote: “This is Essence.  This is the Super Dome.  It’s gotta be bigger than life.”  Erica and Mitchell are trying to keep Tina on schedule, but first Tina must fit in a prayer.  However, Tina still needs to put on her shoes and provide a sound bite for a TV ONE interview.  It is time to hustle!  MMQuote: “We have to deliver.”

Mary Mary takes the stage to 90,000 urban music loving fans ready to get up out of their seats and dance to some of Mary Mary’s best known songs.  The crowd is on their feet loving themselves some Mary Mary!  MMQuote: “These fans came ready.  It’s like this is what they’ve been waiting for the entire year.”  However, a pair of slippery pants seems to be ruining Tina’s performance and flow.  MMQuote: “The great thing about Tina is she has the ability to turn a moment like that into comedy because she is very funny.”  And with that, Mary Mary continues to give a performance of a lifetime.  Once they get off stage, the sisters are ecstatic, exhausted and overcome with emotion.  MMQuote: “I was so proud of them.  They looked like this is what we do, we belong here.  You gave us 30 minutes, we deserve an hour and this performance is going to show you that.”  Mary Mary truly has the love and support from the Essence crowd and especially from their family.

Is this the end for Mary Mary?  Will Erica record her own solo album?  Where do the sisters go from here?  WE want to hear from you!