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WE Tell All: Fight of a Lifetime

With Essence on the horizon, the family gathers to celebrate a truly important event… Tina’s baby shower!  MMQuote: “I’m glad to be having my baby shower since my baby is due in two weeks!”  With all the touring and the press around “Go Get It”, Tina has almost completely forgotten about her upcoming due date and the celebration that goes along with it.

Skinny mini Erica has been working like a dog to get into a healthy zone, and she looks amazing!  As usual, Erica is on time for Mary Mary’s rehearsal with the fabulous Laurieann Gibson and apparently Tina is still at home and nowhere near the studio.  MMQuote: “I can’t do nothing with one half of a unit that I need to get there.”  WE also find out that Erica has taken the offer to host How Sweet the Sound and perform solo.  MMQuote; “I’m hoping and praying that she takes it well.”  Tina arrives and it is down to business.  The ladies choreography is a huge change from their normal two step across the stage, and it works.  Laurieann must go to another rehearsal, but that doesn’t mean that the rehearsing will stop due to a tardy (but determined) Tina.

Oh, look! It’s Justin and he’s giving Goo a hard time about her busy schedule and her phone activity.  So obviously that’s the perfect time to show him a listing on your phone about Atlanta apartments.  Is that all you need to do in order to get your boyfriend to stop being annoying?  WE are writing that down!  MMQuote: “I do love Atlanta and I definitely love him, so I’m thinking about it.”  And apparently the best way to get your girlfriend to actually commit to one of those Atlanta listings is to show her a picture of a diamond ring alluding to a proposal.  WE are learning so much! But, for real… WE hope Goo gets everything that will make her happy.

Tina and Teddy go to visit Dr. Freedman for a checkup, but when Tina tells him she still has one more performance before giving birth it looks like Dr. Freedman is going to be the one needing a doctor.  MMQuote: “You can’t say a bunch of stuff to make him nervous, Dr. Freedman.”  No, but I think he can give his medical opinion.  Dr. Freedman also urges the couple to have a backup plan should Tina go into labor at Essence.  This is serious, Tina!

Erica and Tina meet up with Goo to go over Essence wardrobe, and having been to Essence before WE know how important it is to look good at the festival.  It is also important to dress in breathable thin fabrics because it is HOT HOT HOT in NOLA, and being a wet, sweaty mess is not cute.  MMQuote: “I’m still on operation get thin, so I am cut in the face but still thick in the waste.”  The options Goo has pulled don’t seem to be pleasing the duo.  Tina needs sleeves to cover up some areas she is insecure about, and Tina is feeling a bit more urban and funky than the options in front of her.  MMQuote: “We don’t have time for another fitting.  I have other clients and Justin is in town… visiting.”  Tina and Erica have noticed a decline in Goo Goo’s professionalism since she started dating Justin, and need her to get back on track.  MMQuote: “We’re working.  You get a check to do this.  It ain’t right.”  The family card has been ripped up, and Mary Mary is speaking now… this is not an Atkins issue.  At least Erica agrees to meet with Justin and hear him out.

To continue the confrontations and beef that seem to follow Mary Mary, Warryn meets with Mitch… again.  It’s at this moment Mitch realizes he is not just being paranoid about being out of the loop.  He didn’t even know Tina wasn’t going to an awards ceremony tonight.  MMQuote: “Once again, Mitchell on the bench.”  Mitch doesn’t want to be the last one to know, which is pretty understandable since he does manage Mary Mary.  At the end of the day, no one’s calendars are jiving regardless of who works for who.  And people need to check their cocky attitudes at the door.  MMQuote: “That’s the difference between me and you.  You can’t say that.  I can.”  Mitchell is attempting to tread lightly, but this is just a mess.

Goo, Erica and Justin meet up to clear the air, and Erica comes out guns blazing.  Justin explains that he got emotional when talking to Mitchell, and he was out of line with the way he acted.  MMQuote: “I can’t help but raise a brow and go, ‘What is this?’”  Erica’s worries are valid.  At least Justin is apologetic, but it still will take time for Erica to be 100% Team Justin.  MMQuote: “Tina is one person.  One out of nine.”

Erica is attending the awards ceremony solo, and it’s a bit weird getting ready for such an event without Tina.  Everyone is dressed to the nines, but Warryn has made his own dress code of head to toe denim and sneakers.  That’s the music business for you!  Erica, Tina and Warryn are called on stage to be honored, however Mary Mary is a Mary short.  MMQuote: “I guess I need to start getting used to doing stuff without Tina.”  Erica must tell Tina about her solo opportunity before it gets too late.

Erica has invited Tina over to discuss How Sweet the Sound, and this seems like it will not be a civil conversation.  MMQuote: “I will be judging and singing by myself.”  At first, Tina’s main concern is if it will conflict with any plans Mary Mary currently has on the books, until she finds out (like Mitchell) she is the last to know.  MMQuote: “You went and sealed the deal, took the meat, and sealed the deal without telling me nothing.  Why I got to find out on the back end?  That ain’t right!”  Clearly, when Tina meant “it’s ok to do your own thing” she only meant while she was out of commission.  This conversation quickly escalates into an argument, and the Marys start throwing around threats of both going solo.  MMQuote: “We are talking about one gig that’s coming, and we are talking about it now.”  I think these sisters need to take step back and attempt to hear what each other is really saying, because no one is listening.

Mary Mary finally makes it to New Orleans, but the tension is still palpable from the “solo” conversation they had earlier in the week.  But, it’s time to get down to business.  A very pregnant Tina is really starting to feel the effects of her pregnancy.  MMQuote: “It’s annoying because I don’t like feeling like I’m incapable of doing anything that I want to do to the intensity that I want to do it.”  The convention center is BANANAS right now for the Mary Mary meet and greet.  MMQuote: “Nobody will be able to tell I’m pregnant because I’m going for blood when I get on that stage.”  I officially nickname her Tina the Tiger because her tenacity is insane.  Now it’s on to the charity event to perform, and then back to the convention center for the “Sisterhood Panel” with the Braxtons.  In true Mary Mary fashion, this is going to be a rush and an extremely tight turnaround.  Unfortunately, Mary Mary needs to walk out of their performance in order to make sure they make the “Sisterhood Panel” at Essence.  MMQuote: “I don’t like being in this type of situation.  It’s frustrating.”  Mary Mary and Co. don’t even know if they will make it even with their police escort.

Can the sisters get through one performance without getting into an argument?  Will the tardiness cost them their full performance at Essence Music Festival?  WE want to hear from you!