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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Future Shock

Mitchell and the ladies share their single, “Go Get It” with Sony and announce Tina’s pregnancy.  Mitchell and Goo get into a heated confrontation, and Erica experiences more contractions.

The sisters sit down with Mitchell to discuss the new 12 month plan.  MMQuote: “This meeting is about setting up our year.”  With Warryn wanting to hold on to Ma$e single for later in the year, the group decides to present “Go Get It” to Sony as their next released single.  With Tina’s pregnancy happening toward the later part of the year, she does not feel they should release anything else until she has had her baby.  MMQuote: “Oh, dear sweet Tina… Lord.”  MMQuote: “Tina, I need you to work with me.  This record is not going to sell itself.”  With Goo styling the sisters for the premiere of “Joyful Noise”, Mitchell tells the sisters he is thinking of hiring a different stylist for the Grammy performance.  MMQuote: “I want to hire a stylist for the Grammys.  She’s your sister, and I think she does a great job, but I think there are certain moments where we need another stylist to go to another level.”  Erica agrees to have a conversation with Goo about the decision before Mitchell sits down with Goo himself.  Keeping the brand in mind, Mitchell thinks this is the perfect time to step it up.

The sisters are keeping the lessons they learned in therapy top of mind, and stop to have a separate conversation to make sure they are both on the same page.  MMQuote: “Gold star for Erica!”

Back at Tina’s house, Warryn and Tina’s daughter, Cierra has come to visit.  MMQuote: “Cierra fits right in because she loves her little sisters and brother.”  Cierra is thinking of moving to California once she graduates high school, and Tina cannot be more excited.  She finds Cierra to be a joy around the house.  While Cierra is in town, Teddy is having his first performance with his band at the Whiskey A Gogo.  MMQuote: “I’m trippin’ right now!”

The sisters are preparing to walk the red carpet for the “Joyful Noise” premiere.  MMQuote: “Am I looking like way thicker than a Snicker?”  While they are getting ready, Goo brings up the Grammy’s and Erica feels like she needs to make time to talk about the styling situation.  However, premiere night is not the night.  While ushering the girls out of their hotel room, Mitchell asks Goo to talk over lunch.  WE can’t wait to see this conversation play out.  MMQuote: “Sometimes being a manager, you need to make unpopular decisions.”

The sisters arrive at the Sony offices to a lot of hugs.  The Sony crew is excited to hear Mary Mary’s new record.  The sisters sing an impromptu version of their song, “Sing a Good Prayer” at the special request CJ.  She has not been able to get the song out of her head since the sisters performed it at the Sony offices in New York.  After the sisters private performance, Mitchell shares the good news with the room.  MMQuote: “We have a new beautiful blessing that we’re gonna go get in August, and that is Tina’s new arrival.”  Luckily, everyone is overjoyed by the news.  After the cries and screams subside, Warryn plays “Go Get It” for the room.  MMQuote: “Hopefully they feel the same way we feel.”  CJ loves it, and thinks it’s a great Gospel song.  The next step is to meet with the Sony senior executives after Warryn puts the finishing touches on the record.  MMQuote: “I know I need to go back in and put another coat of wax on it and then everyone will be happy.”

Erica decides to have the Grammy conversation with Goo when they arrive back at her house after a day of errands and shopping.  Goo knows this is why Mitchell wanted to have lunch with her, and seems shocked that she will not be styling Mary Mary for the Grammys.  MMQuote: “I doubt if any styles has always hit a home run, but there hasn’t been fumbles and drops like, ‘ooo, they look bad.’”  Erica wants Mary Mary to be competitive with other performers and celebrities, and it is time for growth.  However, Goo breaks down Hollywood and the industry to Erica, saying that it’s all size 4’s and sex.  MMQuote: “You ain’t juicy.  You juicy, but you ain’t juicy.”  At the end of the conversation, Goo tells Erica she will have this conversation with Mitchell in a professional manner. MMQuote: “Goo and Mitchell?  Woo, we all need to say a prayer for that conversation.”  Let us pray…

As Goo sits down with Mitchell, we can feel the tension.  MMQuote: “I’d be an idiot if I thought she was going to be happy about this.”  Goo tries to explain that since she is an artistic person, sometimes other people may not understand the look she is trying to achieve.  However, Mitchell just seems to think that sometimes, Mary Mary looks like two bankers’ wives.  Goo feels like Tina and Erica are the main reason they look modest, however Mitchell thinks Goo should be able to tell them when they are wrong.  MMQuote: “You can’t wear that because you look like a stockbroker’s wife.  You’re supposed to look like a recording artist.”  Mitchell thinks Goo tends to take all the credit when the sisters look great, but none of responsibility for the less-than-hot looks.  MMQuote: “You think the grass is greener on the other side, than you and your clients can go to the other side.” It’s clear that Goo is offended by the decision to look for a new stylist, and makes a few threats about the future of her partnership with Mary Mary.  This is just starting to get plain ugly.  MMQuote: “Right now you’re acting like sister.  You’re not acting like a stylist.”  MMQuote: “I’m not gonna say right now what you acting like cuz it’s not Godly.”  Goo and Mitchell decide to reassess after the Grammys, but if the sisters do wish to have Goo back as their stylist, it’s about to get real Hollywood.

At Fever Studios, Warryn and his engineer, Bruce are putting the finishing touches on “Go Get It”.  MMQuote: “This songs needs to be fire, hands down a hit across the board. Just period.”  Warryn is tweaking, mixing, and doing everything he can to make this song ready for Sony, but it’s still not perfect.  MMQuote: “I gotta take a step back.  Take an ear break.”

In true Tina fashion, she is running behind for Teddy’s show at the Whiskey A Gogo.  MMQuote: “My wife’s issue with time management drives me crazy.  She gonna be late for her own funeral.”  Luckily Tina shows up just in time, after taking her time to be “cute”.  The whole family is there, and Teddy is even more super excited that Cierra is in the audience.  How sweet is it that Teddy serenades Tina at the performance?!  These two really, truly love each other, and it’s great to see such a strong couple.  MMQuote: “I was really, um, turned on by him too all at the same time.”  Unfortunately, at the end of Teddy’s performance, Erica experiences another contraction.  MMQuote: “And I feel my body shifting and changing, telling me to sit down.”

As Tina helps Cierra prepare for the trip back to Chicago, she wants to make sure Cierra wants to move out to California for the right reasons.  MMQuote: “The whole idea of escaping crosses my head.”  Knowing what it was like being a teenager, Tina wants to make sure Cierra understands the same rules will apply in Tina and Teddy’s house that applied in her mother’s house.  MMQuote: “I hate to see you go.  And I sure hope you come back forever next time.”

Tina is stuck at home during the big Sony meeting because she overdid it at Teddy’s show, but Warryn and Tina head to Sony L.A. to rep the group.  When Tina calls Mitchell to explain why Erica will not be on the call, I think Mitchell is just excited Tina is actually on time.  MMQuote: “Tina Campbell, you amaze me.”  Every senior manager and department head is in a conference room waiting to hear “Go Get It”, so this is an important time for Mary Mary.  MMQuote: “Jesus, please, please, please let them love this song.”  As the song plays, MMQuote: “All the executives are doing what they do, nothing.  Just watching, not moving.”  However, the execs LOVE it!  They think this is the perfect song for radio, and Tina and Warryn are estatic.

Erica wakes Warryn up in the middle of the night, and Warryn rushes her to the hospital.  Tina is in visible pain, and it is unsure if Zaya will be ok.  MMQuote: “I pray that nothing is wrong with my baby.”  Since Erica has been in labor for eight hours, the doctors want to induce her.  Tina leads family and Erica in prayer for the safe arrival of Zaya.

Will Erica deliver Zaya safely?  Are Teddy and Tina headed for rough waters?  What do you think of Mary Mary’s #1 Gospel hit, “Go Get It”? WE want to know what you think!