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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Proposed Hit

With Erica and the baby doing well, the sisters work on recording their new single, “Go Get It” with Warryn.  With a tight deadline fast approaching, the sisters need to hit the ground running.

The sisters meet with Mitch to talk about their new single and their possible Grammy nomination.  With the loyalty of fans in question after the cancelation of the tour, the sisters need a hit song.  MMQuote: “The only thing that is going to cure this, is a hit.  Hit songs cure cancer.”  The sisters then discuss their upcoming schedule.  Tina and Erica are being honored by their childhood church in Englewood, CA with an honorary doctorate.  However, Tina has double booked herself with Meelah’s performance at her pre-school, and Erica feels like Tina is being inconsiderate of her time.  MMQuote: “That’s being inconsiderate of my time if I have to wait on you.”  Quick to defuse a fight, Mitch ends the conversation.

In the studio, Warryn is eager to finish the song and have DJ Fuzzy (who’s opinion is the end all be all in the music industry) take a listen.  MMQuote: “We don’t write the songs.  God writes the songs.  We take dictation.”  While recording their new single, “Go Get It” Warryn is producing the sisters and pushing them to their vocal best.  With Fuzzy expecting to hear the song soon, the duo is pressed for time.  With Tina struggling to hit her notes, Warryn and Erica express their frustration.  MMQuote: “That was not your time.”  MMQuote: “Tina it’s your time… to get it right.”  Warryn looks concerned and disappointed by the sisters’ performance, and this concern increases when Tina says she needs to leave.  MMQuote: “I want to work hard Warryn, but vocally, that is not going to happen unless I sleep.”  With everyone growing impatient to finish the song, Warryn puts it in perspective, MMQuote: “One of the elements we don’t have is time.”  If DJ Fuzzy doesn’t hear the song within this timeframe, the sisters can lose out on a lot of opportunities.

When Erica returns home, she has a talk with her sister/nanny Alana about Tina and the lack of work they accomplish.  MMQuote: “If I can work pregnant, then the qualms she has can be pushed aside.”  With Tina and Erica having separate work ethics, Erica admits that she sometimes does not want to be part of the group.  However, God put them together and they need to tough it out.

The whole Campbell/Atkins crew gets together for a big family dinner, and takes this opportunity to pick on Alana’s boyfriend, Des.  It’s all in good fun though, especially when Warryn says he would like Des to move in so he can be watched.  When Warryn calls a mini pow-wow at dinner, he tells the girls they need to get back into the studio bright and early the next morning.  MMQuote: “Let’s have family day, not Mary Mary day.”  With Tina wanting to regroup over the phone first rather than heading to the studio, Warryn pushes to have both sisters in the studio bright and early so they can get the single finished and ready for Fuzzy.

Breaking up all the back and forth about “Go Get It”, Des confides in Erica that he is going to propose to Alana on “family game night”.  Erica wants to make this proposal the most special and romantic proposal ever, and is so excited to be in on the secret.

With Erica and Warryn sitting in the studio waiting for Tina, WE are starting to wonder if this single will be finished in time.  When Tina arrives bearing cupcakes, the sisters go into the studio and go to work.  Refreshed and rejuvenated, the sisters are on FIRE.  MMQuote: “I believe we are doing our good singing today.  Check us out.”  After the sisters knock the song out of the park, Mitch calls with news on their Grammy nomination.  The sisters have been nominated for two Grammys, Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Song!  MMQuote: “God is a good God.”  MMQuote: “Once you win a Grammy, now you’re a real artist.”  MMQuote: “It raises the bar for what you do creatively, but it also raises the deals because people know you are a serious artist.”

It is time for “Family Game Night” and Alana’s proposal.  The family is so excited to be able to share this moment with Alana and Des.  As Des gets down on one knee, the whole family is peering through the shutters and screaming.  As soon as Alana says yes, the whole Atkins clan breaks through the doors and runs outside.  MMQuote: “It’s one more person coming into the fold… God gives the opportunity to love on the new person in the family.”

Finally, the sisters and Warryn go to visit Fuzzy at 106 FM’s studio.  Now that the tour has been canceled, the song NEEDS to be a hit.  This is where Fuzzy comes in, but he is looking less than impressed.  MMQuote: “It looks like we’re crashing and burning right now.”  As WE wait with bated breath for some indication that Fuzzy agrees with all of us that the track is HOT, he speaks!  MMQuote: “Yo that goes.” Great poker face, DJ Fuzzy. WE were starting to break into a sweat waiting to hear what you thought!

Today is a busy day as Treiva tries to keep Erica and Tina on time for their honorary doctorate ceremony.  With Tina having to go home and change after Meelah’s performance, it does not look like Tina is going to make it on time. MMQuote: “I’m frustrated to death and I don’t want these people to think that I don’t respect this great opportunity they are giving me.”  With the church not being able to hold the ceremony and Tina not even close to arriving, Erica is feeling very disrespected.  Tina finally arrives 30 minutes late, with the ceremony about to begin.  MMQuote: “This is a good day, but I’m feeling real wrong right now.”  MMQuote: “I can’t do Tina right now.  I can’t talk to her, I don’t want to hear her excuses, I don’t want to hear anything she has to say, because nothing will be good enough.”  Tina’s tardiness seems to be taking a toll on the group, and after receiving their honorary doctorate Erica is unsure if she will continue to put up with this.

Will the sisters get past this?  Will Mary Mary win their 3rd (or 4th) Grammy?  Let us know your thoughts!