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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Sister Trippin’

While Tina keeps wondering if she is indeed pregnant, the sisters arrange a “Sister Trip” with some laughter and pole dancing lessons.
The sisters get together at Erica’s house with Goo to record a vlog for the fans, and it makes Erica miss the stage, the band, the music, and the fans.  After the vlog is recorded, Tina confides in Goo and Erica that she still thinks she is pregnant, despite the negative test result at Dr. Freedman’s office.  Another baby could mean another postponed tour, so Erica does not hide her reservations.  With the sisters arguing about Erica’s planned pregnancy vs. unplanned pregnancy, they need someone to set the record straight.  MMQuote: “Mitchell Solarek did not get the memo.”  With Tina not 100% sure she is actually pregnant, this argument is a moot point.  MMQuote: “We ain’t gonna react to a might or maybe.”
Tina, Erica and GooGoo head out to do a little shopping.  MMQuote: “Even when I’m not styling them, I’m always styling Erica and Tina.”  This outing gives the sisters time to catch up and talk about Goo’s new boyfriend, Justin (and when they get to meet him).  MMQuote: “What’s his name?  What’s his mamma’s name?  Who’s his people?”  With the sisterly warnings going into overdrive (MMQuote: “Who’s gonna come find your pieces?”), Goo is rightfully nervous about Justin meeting the family.
Erica calls Tina with the idea to go on a sister trip to Palm Springs.  This trip may also include a pole dancing class.  Tina is not having it.  MMQuote: “You put a pole in it, it’s pole dancing.  It ain’t no pole workout.”  With pole dancing automatically involving the idea of strippers and unholy images, Erica is having a difficult time justifying this activity to Tina.  As most conversations do among sisters, this turns into an argument.  Thankfully, Tina knows when to concede.  MMQuote: “If it is a workout, I’m all for it… I’m willing to try.”
Honey and Eddie come over to Erica’s for some family time, and Erica chooses to take this moment to tell them about the sisterly “stripper exercise class”.  MMQuote: “Daddy doesn’t want to see his little girl up on a pole doing the bump and grind.”  With Eddie talking about sowing his wild oats prior to marriage, the conversation takes a hysterical and uncomfortable turn.  WE even blushed, and he’s not our father!  The blushing continues when Honey shares her thoughts on the “exercise class”.  MMQuote: “Just don’t get too freaky now.”
When Erica let’s Warryn know he will be having “daddy daycare”, he seems pretty excited (much to Erica’s surprise).  MMQuote: “I can’t wait for Erica to leave.  Get out.  This is going to be risky business.”  Hearing the comical differences in their parenting skills, makes us laugh out loud… although, we would suggest limiting the sugar intake, Warryn if you plan on getting any sleep.
The sisters depart for the weekend and pile onto a tour bus.  With all nine women seated and ready to get the trip started, Erica brings up the special workout she arranged for the weekend.  MMQuote: “I don’t want the devil to tempt me to show Justin the new moves that I learned.”  With the focus being on fun and exercise, it looks like some of the sisters may warm up to the idea.
Once the sisters arrive in Palm Springs, they use their hotel issued maps to navigate the grounds and locate their rooms.  MMQuote: “This looks very bug-bed-ish.”  With the amenities not being quite up to par (concrete floors should NEVER be ok!) we are curious to see how Tina adapts to the situation.  MMQuote:  “This might be eco-friendly, but it ain’t Tina-friendly.”  With the trip being all about sister-time, the sisters decide to go with the flow and remain at the hotel.  MMQuote: “Someone pray for me!”
While the sisters are enjoying brunch, everyone decides to broach the subject of Tina’s pregnancy.  MMQuote: “Thank God the phone rings and Mama calls so we can talk about something else!”  As the sisters arrange to break off for afternoon festivities, Lisa and Erica invite Goo to the spa with them so they can pass along their wisdom… and question her about Justin!  After spa treatments and doom-buggying, the sisters will get ready for their “exercise class”.   MMQuote: “You’re too sexy for your pants?”
At Tina’s house, it looks like complete and utter mayhem with children running around and screaming at the top of their lungs.  In order to make him aware of the trials that await him during married life, Warryn and Teddy invite Des over for dinner.  MMQuote: “I don’t want him to be able to tell us, ‘Ya’ll didn’t tell me.’”
While 6 of the sisters are riding around the dessert, Goo is subject to the Grand Inquisition at the spa.  Goo takes issue with Tina and Erica questioning how well she knows Justin, knowing that her eyes are completely open in her relationship.  When Erica asks if Justin and Goo met at an event, Goo tells Lisa and Erica they met on Facebook.  Goo, this is not going to settle Erica’s reservations!  MMQuote: “I’m just happy to be happy.”  Out on the desert, Tina and Alana have the “sex talk”.  MMQuote: “You’re gonna be oversexed for the first couple of years… just be ready to be sleepy.”  Oh boy, now that’s quite the conversation!  Back at the spa, Erica is discussing her last doctor visit with Goo and Lisa, and the fact Tina chose that moment to announce she may be pregnant.  With the majority thinking she is pregnant, Erica realizes she may need to discuss the future of Mary Mary with Tina.
After a day of fun and advice, it is time for the “pole workout class”.  With overt sexuality being a no-no in the Atkins family, WE are unsure how this will unfold.  Even though Tina sits off to the side, the sisters are laughing and having a great time.  While Tina’s apprehension is understandable, Erica and the sisters are having a more difficult time understanding her objection to some of the moves.  MMQuote: “I have that right.  I ain’t condemning nobody else.”  MMQuote: “Take a chill pill and relax.  It’s not that deep.”
The younger sisters get dressed to death for a night out, while the older sisters are thinking about enjoying a pizza/pajama party in the hotel room.  MMQuote: “Come on, Grandma!”  Tina and Erica are worried about the revealing nature of the girls’ outfits.  MMQuote: “I want to ask you ‘How much? How much, lady?’”  No one wants to split up the group since the purpose of the trip was about being together, so the younger sisters agree to stay in and eat some pizza with their sisters.  Since everyone is together, this is the perfect opportunity for Tina to take her pregnancy test.  MMQuote: “I don’t want to take this pregnancy test, but they won’t let up.”  If Tina is pregnant, the commitments Mary Mary have made for 2012 will need to be reassessed.  With nine confirmations from her sisters and a positive test, Tina realizes she is in fact pregnant.  MMQuote: “Erica is happy for Tina.  But Mary is not happy to put her career on pause again.”
How will Teddy react to Tina’s pregnancy news?  What is Mitch going to think?  Is this the end of Mary Mary?  Let us know what you think?