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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, The Showdown

It’s Meelah’s fifth birthday party, and things are pretty hamtastic.  Tina has one hour to make sure everything is perfect, and her pregnant behind is hopping up on chairs and tying balloons to trellises.  MMQuote: “I hear her breathing like she’s about to go into labor right there.”  Erica is finally able to convince Tina to take a sip of water, but Tina is back on the go when she realizes she forgot candles for the cake.  MMQuote: “Did I forget candles for the birthday party? Who does that?”  Tina is extremely overwhelmed, and everything is starting to catch up with her. Guilt is playing a big part in Tina’s stress, and it is obviously the main reason why she is refusing outside help.  MMQuote: “When we have our special moments, they have to be more special than regular special because I’m not there a lot.”  At least the party comes together, and Meelah is having a blast.

Meanwhile, Mitchell is attempting to handle a very annoyed CJ in Dallas.  The Marys decided to stay in L.A. for the birthday party instead of flying to Dallas early to do a sound check for their upcoming performance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  With a six o’clock call time tomorrow morning, the sisters really needed to have the sound check over and done with.  MMQuote: “CJ is what makes all radio happen.  I don’t need a war with her right now.”  The only other option is a 4 a.m. sound check prior to their 6 a.m. performance.  CJ would love to be sympathetic, but there is a lot on the line.  One snub could lead to being black listed from a large syndicated show for a very long time.  The Mary’s just can’t afford to take that risk.

As the sisters prepare for their trip to Dallas, Goo brings over some wardrobe options for Erica as she frantically packs (while one nanny short).  MMQuote: “I can’t be your nanny.  Part time nanny is not one of my jobs.”  As a trade off for changing Zaya’s diaper, Goo starts to question Erica and Tina’s intentions when they cornered Justin at Alana’s wedding.  MMQuote: “Why is he getting such a hard time?  That’s what I don’t understand.”  The fact is that Justin is just not around the family enough for them to truly know him and his intentions.  MMQuote: “It’s not his fault he can’t dance around Mary Mary’s schedule.”

MMQuote: “I now have to tell Erica and Tina they have to have a 4 a.m. sound check.  I’d rather have every fingernail pulled out one by one.”  WE definitely would not want Mitch’s job.  No matter how he spins this, these sisters are not buying it.  The sisters were originally invited to sing in Dallas for another event, and Tom Joyner’s radio show is a bonus appearance.  MMQuote: “We will not jeopardize singing for Bishop Jakes.”  Tina is dominating this conversation, and Erica will not get on the phone.  This looks like moot point, Mitchell.  You may want to move on.

It’s now 3:30 a.m. and the Mary’s have arrived (exhausted!) for sound check.  MMQuote: “I cannot make a good voice come when rest is the only thing that will bring that.”  The ladies aren’t sounding too great, but when you consider they are running on fumes and it is still the early hours of the morning, there isn’t much you can do.  MMQuote: “It’s like a hurricane and it’s blowing in.  And I can feel it all over me.”  Judging by how this is going, WE think Hurricane Mary Mary is about to hit shore any second.  Mitchell really doesn’t think it is the right time to discuss their issues, but that does not stop the conversation from happening.  Mitchell is upset about Erica not getting on the phone to discuss the call time.  MMQuote: “Erica dismisses me like I’m some messenger delivering a package that she doesn’t want to deal with right now.”   The girls are trying to explain that all the pushing and driving are taking a toll on them mentally and physically, however Mitch gets extremely defensive.  MMQuote: “Dude… back down!”  There are too many feelings being thrown around this conference room, and WE don’t see any resolve happening.  MMQuote: “Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what I’m gonna do and when I’m gonna do it except Jesus the Christ.”  After this whole mess, the girls have to go and deliver a performance… however, in the middle of the song Tina’s headphones short out.  MMQuote: “This is real bad.”  Thankfully, Tina pulls it together and is able to continue to give a great performance.  That still doesn’t mean Tina wants to hear praise from Mitchell, though.

MMQuote: “We want to make sure we are shining not only for Mary Mary but really tributing him well because he deserves it.”  It’s really, truly important the sisters nail this sound check and this performance, but it may be a bumpy road ahead.  MMQuote: “Say a prayer for the Marys.”

Back in L.A., Goo takes advantage of her downtime to chat with Justin and fill him in on the recent favors Erica has called in.  MMQuote: “You have to be able to say no, even to family, baby.”  WE can’t tell if Justin is leading this revolt or just echoing some of the thoughts Goo has already been battling with.  Either way, this is not going to win Justin some extra brownie points with the Atkins crew.

Honoring Bishop Jakes is just one of the many huge things happening for Mary Mary, but they are extremely honored to be included.  And must WE say, the Marys are looking amazing on that red carpet!  MMQuote: “This performance is important for a lot of reasons because I want to redeem myself but with Bishop Jakes, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry in the audience this is really important.”  Erica and Tina take the stage and the sisters are set to blow the roof of this place.  People start to rise up out of their seats and singing along.  MMQuote: “I turn around and the entire audience is on their feet, and they are giving Mary Mary a standing ovation and they haven’t even finished the song yet!”  Even Oprah is out of her seat!

Back in L.A., Goo is ready to address the nanny situation with Erica.  MMQuote: “I feel like I’m the ‘everything’ person and it’s just too much.”  Erica is having a difficult time understanding what broke the camel’s back, especially when it involves helping a sister out.  Goo wants to create boundaries, but Erica seems to lose her mind when she hears Justin is at the epicenter of this conversation.  MMQuote: “We’re talking about Justin with work? With family stuff? With sister stuff?”  If Justin is supporting how Goo feels, Erica is fine with that… but something is telling Erica he has a lot more to do with this conversation than moral support.

Now that Mary Mary is back in L.A., it’s time for everyone to sit down and discuss the issues that have followed them home from Dallas.  MMQuote: “It was bad enough the first time.  I don’t want to relive it again.”  Mitchell is still upset and hurt from the conversation in Dallas, but Tina feels like everyone should be able to speak their peace and move on.  The difference between Mitchell and the Marys is that Mitchell holds on to what is said and the Marys are able to have comments roll off their back.  In order for them to move on from this argument, these two sides need to understand the other’s feelings.

Will the next beef be between Warryn and Mitchell?  Who else is excited to see Laurieann Gibson coach the Marys?  Is Tina about to make the same mistakes Erica did when she was pregnant with Zaya?  WE want to hear from you!