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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Wedding Crashers

The countdown has become!  There are three days until Alana’s nuptials and still so much to be done, including quitting her job as nanny to Erica’s children.  MMQuote: “I’m not really seeing how it’s going to be possible for me to continue to work and be a good wife.”  Erica is not letting this happen.  There is too much going on between Tina’s pregnancy, Goo vs. Mitch, Justin vs. Mitch, Mary Mary, etc to be short a nanny.  MMQuote: “Now you’re gonna dump me like a bad habit!”

Justin arrives in L.A. to Goo’s excitement, however this will be the first time he sees Tina and Erica since his MMQuote: “little run in with Mitch.”  WE don’t know if we would call it little, Goo (insert side eye here)!  MMQuote: “I need my family to see that there are so many sweet sides to him.”  As usual, Goo is always working and this visit isn’t any different.  Erica’s healthy lifestyle change has started to pay off, and she would like to wear something at the Cinderella Ball to show off her hard work.  Here’s hoping Justin is still down for his chick’s career even when that takes away from the time spent with him…

Erica needs to break the news to Krista that Aunt Alana will be gone for a little bit once she gets married.  Poor Krista does not take the news well at all!  MMQuote: “Krista is very emotional, and I think in her mind she feels like I’m just leaving from her life and she is not going to see me anymore.”  Erica’s heart breaks not only for Krista, but for Wosie as well.  It has been three years since Alana started watching the kids, and it will be a huge adjustment and loss.

Now, before we get into Justin and Goo’s argument… He has an issue with Goo being on her phone, but he’s wearing sunglasses inside at the table?  Is he really one to lecture on what is proper?  Justin was so quick to defend how hard Goo works to Mitch, but when he finally sees how hard she does work and it distracts from him, he makes threats.  MMQuote: “I mean we can be friends.  I’m serious.”  If WE were Goo, WE would fix that smirk on his face real quick.  Goo is right.  What kind of person throws out a threat like that just because one person is making moves?  MMQuote: “Whatever he thinks he’s doing, right now he’s losing.”  Goo is on the phone with a designer, and Justin is yelling something about Goo being on a date with her “ex boyfriend” in the background.  Tina was right… Goo must have met him at the playground with the way his immature butt is behaving!  Goo finally reaches her breaking point (because WE reached ours last week!) and walks out.  What happened to your smirk, Justin?  At least he has the sense to follow (after having a snack), and the sense to apologize.  Looks like Justin’s mouth almost got him in deep with another Atkins woman.

The sisters are in D.C. for the Cinderella ball that benefits children affected by many diseases.  MMQuote: “When it comes to events like the Cinderella Ball, it really is a reality check and reminds us all of why we do this.  Music changes lives.”  This event truly is important to the Marys, and when you see them interact with the children, you understand why they push themselves to make sure they make every appearance.  MMQuote: “I know this is our second year, but can we come back again?”  Once again, the sisters are running late for their flight and the status of their punctuality will be TBD.

Goo continues to juggle Mary Mary stylist and wedding coordinator duties, and Justin’s accident will not be lightening Goo’s load at all.  MMQuote: “With all that’s going on, I do not need Justin Moore to call me and to tell me that he just crashed the frickin car.”  There is one hour til the wedding rehearsal, and the only silver lining to this is that the car is still drivable.  Justin’s attitude probably doesn’t help matters, but that’s neither here nor there.

Alana and Treiva arrive at the wedding rehearsal location, and Treiva must let Alana know that no one is there.  MMQuote: “I’m just getting more and more irritated and frustrated, so whatever.”  Alana resorts to calling all rehearsal attendees who most likely are sending her straight to voicemail for fear of her Bridezilla wrath.  10 minutes go by, 20 minutes… Alana finally reaches Goo who is trying to make her way through traffic.  Luckily, Tina and Erica arrive safe and sound, and to a relieved Alana along with Goo, Des and his whole family.  But, there is no time for rejoicing.  MMQuote: “She is gonna lose it.  Bridezilla is gonna explode.”

Warryn and Teddy have taken Des out, so it’s just Erica, Goo and Alana.  MMQuote: “Alana and GooGoo think they know what it takes to be a wife? Please, they have no idea!”  As for Des’ bachelor party, the boys are poppin’ bottles and having a great time.  Warryn and Teddy can give Des advice on how to make a marriage work when both of you are working on your careers.  Justin will not be in attendance at the bachelor party because he is not “comfortable”, but the Atkins women think he may be a bit “too busy” to attend.  MMQuote: “It would be nice to feel like he wants to be a part of this family, and he wants us to get to know him.”  Goo is very sure Justin is the one; it’s just a matter of time.  When Alana attempts to dig a bit deeper about the moving situation, Goo does not even hesitate admitting she will be moving to Atlanta.  At this point, it does not even seem like L.A. and her family is an option for her.  MMQuote: “Don’t you know we don’t move.  They move to us.”  WE think Goo may be a little too quick to compromise her life for someone that doesn’t seem to want to fit himself into hers.  The main problem with Justin is that he hasn’t allowed the family to get to know him beyond his altercation with Mitchell.  It also doesn’t help that he ducks phonecalls and invites by the men of the family.

It is finally Alana’s wedding day, and Tina thinks she should probably be spending more time thinking about getting some tonight than the details of her wedding.  What Alana should worry about are people bringing up anything that have to do with Justin’s antics.  MMQuote: “I don’t care if I have to say my peace to everyone in the room because you are trying to get me outnumbered.  I’m moving to Atlanta.”  Regardless of what anyone feels, keep this business to yourselves until after the wedding.  Luckily, Alana’s dad never picked up his tux so the attention is quickly averted to something else.  Erica needs to head to the store now to buy her father a suit.  All the bridesmaids are reassuring Alana her wedding will still start on time, but this will definitely be crunch time.  Luckily, Eddie shows up dressed and ready to walk Alana down the aisle.  MMQuote: “My baby is doing this.  She’s actually getting married.”  There is not a dry eye in the house, and Des and Alana are finally husband and wife (after a fresh application of chapstick).

At least we get to bask in the love for just a moment before the sh*z hits the fan.  It is time for Erica and Tina to have a few words with Justin regarding his words with Mitchell.  MMQuote: “Let me holla at you real quick, Justin.”  Tina is definitely not going to hold back.  MMQuote: “He seems startled and alarmed, and I don’t really know what to make of this facial expression.”  The sisters are completely confused at Justin’s presumably serious intentions when he hasn’t even made an effort to get to know the family.  I mean, did you see that room full of people, Justin?  You better start shaking hands!  MMQuote: “Slow down, low down.  Ya’ll just got together.”  Justin needs to understand when you marry one, you essentially marry them all.  He needs to start making more of an effort if he really wants Tina and Erica to start giving him a chance.  Of course Goo comes in to interject, but that takes this conversation to a level WE honestly don’t think it was at yet.  MMQuote: “Let this be the last of your conferences with my man without you consulting me.”  Is it about to be Mary Mary vs. Goo and Justin?

Will Tina push herself too far?  Will Goo’s relationship with Justin start to affect her relationship with her sisters personally and professionally?  Will Mitch and Mary Mary be the next couple to feud?  WE want to hear from you!