Season 1, Episode 2

“Road Kill”


The stress of preparing for their upcoming tour puts undue stress on Erica’s pregnancy. Erica and Tina struggle to prepare for their upcoming tour, which is proving to create more issues than not.

“The problem with the girls is they want to look current, and they deserve to look current and a lot of the time the current trends are a little risqué.”
“It’s kinda got a tube top vibe.”
Tina Campbell
Nobody said nothing to you… in your R&B skirt! That skirt ain’t say nothing about the Lord!”
Erica Campbell
“I have told Tina about her weight. There can’t be two fat Marys. We can’t have two tons of fun.”
Erica Campbell
“This fitting issue is becoming a problem. And we have to address it.”
Mitchell Solarek
“I can’t think of a more uncomfortable conversation to have. I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out one by one, than talk to Tina Campbell about her weight.”
Mitchell Solarek
“It will look ok for the first day, but the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth day… not so much.”
Teddy Campbell
“When it’s gorgeous time, Imma be gorgeous!”
Tina Campbell
“I want to put an ad out for another Mary, cuz I’m done.”
Erica Campbell
“Realistically, you have to think of avoiding the possibility of prematurity.”
Dr. Freedman
“I hear what Dr. Freedman is saying, but I can’t cancel. I can’t cancel.”
Erica Campbell
“I’m a mess. I cannot believe I allowed myself to gain all this weight cuz I lost my discipline this year.”
Tina Campbell
“It would be horrible to cancel, but it would be more horrible to endanger your health and the baby’s health.”
Tina Campbell
“The net is going to be dramatically reduced if we don’t do all the shows. This is going to be an incredibly costly mistake.”
Mitchel Solarek
“When I tell them I have to cancel, everyone is going off.”
Erica Campbell
“What is that going to mean if the baby comes early? What’s the most important thing? You should do the best thing for our baby.”
Warryn Campbell
“That baby is running you!”
Tina Campbell
“Why didn’t I cancel the tour earlier? Because my ego got in the way.”
Erica Campbell
Notes from Mary Mary production team E One: In the middle of Erica's emergency trip to the hospital, Dr. Freedman tried to keep things light by constantly cracking jokes that kept making the cameramen laugh, causing many shaky shots.

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