Top 10 Moments in Season 1 of Mary Mary

The Grammys, babies, engagements and arguments! Look at my Top 10 List of scenes from this week's Mary Mary.

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  • 1
    Mary Mary ROCK their Go Get It Performance

  • 2
    Tina finds out she is pregnant (again!)

  • 3
    Erica gives birth to baby Zaya

  • 4
    The "Vagine" Monolagues a la Mary Mary

  • 5
    Goo and Mitch (Fights 1-35)

  • 6
    Tina and Erica call off their tour

  • 7
    Teddy and family surprise Tina on Thanksgiving

  • 8
    Jill Scott creates an original lullaby for Zaya

  • 9
    Mary Mary record "Go Get It"

  • 10
    The sisters take a "relaxing" trip to Palm Springs