Sneak Peek


Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 4.12.12

Mary Mary cancelling their highly anticipated tour creates serious personal and business consequences that need to be addressed swiftly, before irreparable harm is caused to the duo’s reputation. Show Full Recap

The cancellation of Mary Mary’s highly anticipated tour creates very serious personal and business consequences for the Gospel duo. This business decision puts Mary Mary’s financial future, relationships and reputation at risk. The cancellation hits home when little sister and stylist Goo, along with manager Mitchell, get into a heated argument over money. Erica and Tina are faced with resolving a conflict between family and business interests. Amidst the stress of dealing with canceling the tour, Tina is terrified that she is pregnant as a result of forgetting to take her birth control pills. Music: - Are You Ready (lyric’s over footage) - Sitting With Me (performance)

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