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Future Shock

Season 1, Episode 8
Aired 5.17.12

Mary Mary, Warryn and Mitch present the latest single to Sony. Tina also breaks the news that she is pregnant, which will have serious consequences on the group’s plans. Erica goes into early labor. Show Full Recap

Mary Mary must present their new single, “Go Get It” to Sony executives. During the same meeting, Tina will break the news to Sony that she is pregnant, which could have dire consequences for the group’s touring and recording plans over the next year. Tina’s daughter Cierra is visiting from Chicago for the week, but when Cierra reveals that she may be staying in California permanently, Tina wants to make sure it’s for the right reasons and not because Cierra is fighting with her mother. Goo is styling Mary Mary for the Joyful Noise red carpet premiere, but when Goo discovers that Mitch doesn’t think she has what it takes to style Mary Mary for the Grammys, Erica has to break the news to her sister. Later, Erica has a scare with her pregnancy and is rushed to the hospital worried about the health of her unborn child.

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