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Giving Thanks

Season 1, Episode 1
Aired 3.29.12

Being an award winning musical sensation is a dream come true for Erica and Tina, but Mary Mary’s constant touring takes a toll on their lives when a performance keeps them away from home on Thanksgiving. Show Full Recap

Erica and Tina grew up in Inglewood, CA with nothing but big dreams of singing their hearts out in front of thousands. Today they are Mary Mary - Grammy award winning Gospel artists with big careers and beautiful families. Now that they have achieved their dreams of success both personally and professionally, the pressure of touring takes a toll as they juggle the heavy demand. When pressed to perform for 100,000 new fans, Mary Mary must choose between family and career during Thanksgiving. As successful artists on the rise, Mary Mary can’t pass up an opportunity of a lifetime; but as wives and mothers, Erica and Tina face a very different reality. Music: -Never Wave My Flag (licensed performance footage) -Yesterday (performance) -Shackles (Music video & Tina, Erica sing with family) -God in Me (performances) -Walking (Tina sings with daughter) -Boom (instrumental) 

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