Sneak Peek

Oh Baby!

Season 1, Episode 6
Aired 5.3.12

Tina is unexpectedly pregnant. Telling Teddy and the family is one thing, but once Mary Mary’s manager finds out, the duo may face grave consequences. Erica and Tina put Goo’s boyfriend to the test. Show Full Recap

Tina returns from Palm Springs to the reality of being unexpectedly pregnant. Telling her family the news will be one thing, but telling Mary Mary’s manager, Mitch, could lead to grave consequences for Mary Mary’s future. Meanwhile, Erica’s fast-approaching due date prompts Warryn to plan a special husband and wife baby-moon trip. Due to Erica’s travel constraints, Warryn must find a way to turn a local trip into a romantic getaway. Goo Goo’s new boyfriend is coming to town to meet the family, but Erica and Tina aren’t convinced that he is the right man for their little sister and stylist.

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