Sneak Peek

On the Brink

Season 1, Episode 9
Aired 5.24.12

Erica’s recovering from false labor and unable to join Tina, Teddy and Warryn on a trip to Nashville for the Stellar Awards. While manning the home front, Erica goes into labor just in time. Show Full Recap

After a scary and serious false labor, Erica is unable to join Tina and Teddy in Nashville for the Stellar Awards, where Mary Mary is nominated for seven awards. Tina and Teddy finally get to enjoy some private time together, but Teddy reveals unexpected news -- he doesn't think Tina's been effectively balancing her personal life with her career, and it's impacting their marriage. Tina now must make some serious decisions about how to make a change for good. During Warryn sister Joi’s listening party, Erica goes into labor. 

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