Sneak Peek

Proposed Hit

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 4.19.12

Mary Mary’s recording a new track. With a deadline fast approaching and expectations high, Warryn must wear his producer hat and lay down the law. Mary Mary awaits Grammy nominations. Show Full Recap

Now that Mary Mary has cancelled their holiday tour, they can enjoy some time with family. But Erica’s husband/producer, Warryn,  is pressuring Mary Mary to record a new single. Back in the studio, Tina’s voice isn’t a hundred percent. She claims she’s too tired and needs a night to rest. Warryn stresses the urgency of recording the new song so they can play it for DJ Fuzzy, who Warryn trusts to call the track a hit or not. On top of the recording pressure, Mary Mary waits with bated breath for Grammy nomination announcements. Mitch calls with amazing news that they have been nominated for two additional Grammy Awards (they already have three). They are also receiving an honorary degree from their childhood church, but when Tina refuses to miss her daughter’s school performance earlier in the day, it causes problems. On the home front, Erica and Tina’s sister, Alana, has no idea her boyfriend has orchestrated a proposal to beat all proposals, and is surprised when family game night turns into an engagement celebration.

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