Sneak Peek

Singing the Blues

Season 1, Episode 7
Aired 5.10.12

With both Marys pregnant and a cancelled tour, Warryn produces a new single with Mary Mary and superstar Mase. When Tina and Erica butt heads about how to move forward, they decide to seek counseling. Show Full Recap

With both Marys pregnant, their future is uncertain. Their producer, Warryn Campbell, pushes the Gospel duo to stay relevant by collaborating with superstar Ma$e on a new potential hit single. Due to misunderstandings and arguments, Tina and Erica nearly break up. Pushed by their mother to seek professional help, Tina and Erica plunge into therapy, which leads them on an exploration of their early days in Inglewood. Meanwhile, an over-the-top baby shower includes impromptu original singing by family friend and Grammy award winner, Jill Scott. VENDOR LIST Hot Cakes Bakes Provided cake for Erica’s baby shower www.hotcakesbakes.com/ Dress My Party Event rentals, provided design services for Erica’s baby shower www.dressmyparty.com/  

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