Sneak Peek

Australian Tour

Season 3, Episode 11

While in Australia, Kenneth pressures Erica to quit Mary Mary to save her ailing voice or lose her manager. Tina and Teddy battle long distance. Show Full Recap

After years of wanting an international presence, Mary Mary has finally landed a gig in Australia. With Erica's first solo song out, she is thrilled to introduce both the Mary Mary and the Erica Campbell brands to the Aussies. On the other hand, Tina is reluctant to leave as the trip will require a significant amount of time away from her husband, and her marriage is already on shaky ground since she learned of his years of unfaithfulness. The couple has vowed to rebuild their commitment but being gone for so long has Tina's fears and doubts in overdrive. Being in Australia has the ladies excited to see the sights and experience the culture, but Tina is quickly discovering that she can't escape her current nightmare when a local radio host asks about her marital issues. "The first thing I'm asked in Melbourne, Australia is not about my music, but my failing marriage," she states. But she did go on to explain to the reporter, "After I spoke publicly about it, I regretted it and wished I hadn't done it." Tortured Tina A Skype session with her husband has Tina completely conflicted. The radio interview brought out all of her insecurities about her current situation and she unloads that onto her husband. Accusing him of making her insecure has Teddy making numerous promises about his behavior and he guarantees he will fix all their problems. "And what if I don't think it's worth it," she asks him. "Then you have to leave," he tells her. (Erica's advice to her sister is to find her own peace of mind and not worry about Teddy.) With everything that Tina has going on in her personal life, she is also suffering professionally. Missing meetings and not pulling her weight has everyone frustrated. "We can't come all the way to Australia and have Tina not fulfill her obligations," Erica explains. Erica wants to be there for her sister but also understands that she must begin building up her solo brand. This is making Erica feel as if she's deserting her sister. Medical Emergency Erica is still having problems with her voice and after a few days, her throat begins to burn. Warryn and manager Kenneth take her to a specialist for a quick diagnosis. The doctor gives her the go-ahead to sing the three scheduled concerts, but tells her to avoid upper register and pressure in her performance which means it's not wise to sing her solo song—the main reason for the Australia concerts in the first place. After her diagnosis, Kenneth and Warryn meet with Tina about her sister. Tina tells the guys she'll pick up whenever Erica seems to be in distress. Knowing they can not cancel any shows, everyone is relieved Tina will carry Erica on stage. Warryn meets with Kenneth privately and admits Erica is killing herself by doing both Mary Mary and her solo work. Ken admits he's very angry that Erica is putting so much work into the group rather than focusing solely on her own label. "Erica has to put her foot down with her sister and decide what she wants to do because I'm ready to get on the next flight home and quit this whole thing," he tells Warryn. As usual, the ladies pull off such a powerful show in Melbourne they ended up doing an encore—even after Erica sang her solo song. Knowing that the Land Down Under opened their arms to the ladies so enthusiastically made the stress and issues very much worth it and they are very happy to be performing there.

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