Sneak Peek

Bahama Drama

Season 3, Episode 5

Tina and Erica head to the Bahamas for a performance and to celebrate their birthdays but learn devastating news about their dad’s health. Teddy reveals more about his infidelity to Warryn, threatening Tina’s marriage.  Show Full Recap

Bahamas Baby! Erica and Tina have been anticipating this week for a while. Not only are the The Marys attending the One Love Gospel Getaway in Nassau, Bahamas, but the week also falls on a number of family birthdays including their own. In addition, Teddy and Warryn's band, The Soul Seekers, will also be performing at the show, so it just makes sense to have the trip double as a family vacation. Adding pleasure to their business, The Marys—along with sisters Goo Goo and Alana—have some fun in the sun with a scary, banana boat ride and some much-needed sister time. During a break, Alana opens up about the difficulties of being a newlywed. As the group discusses marital strife,Tina reflects on dealing with the aftermath of an unfaithful husband and the excruciating toll it has taken on her. Tina also shares that the upcoming release of the Ebony magazine article—in which she talks about her husband's deceit—is weighing heavily on her. "I'm happy I discussed my marital challenges because the fact that I'm staying in my marriage and working on it could ultimately help someone in the same situation," she explains. But Erica wonders about the backlash and trash talk that could ensue. Another bombshell comes out at dinner as Tina, Erica and Warryn discuss Mary Mary business. As Tina rattles off all of the incompetencies of Mitchell's management over the years, the sisters tell Warryn they will be firing him soon and need to figure out an exit strategy for him quickly. Goo Goo's Glam Squad The show at the hotel has given Goo the chance to style a number of performers and attendants. Seeing a networking opportunity, she puts together a mobile salon in a hotel suite offering hair, makeup and styling services. While out promoting the event, Goo's team has a bit too much fun and the rowdy group returns very late with drinks in hand. After a tongue lashing from Goo, the girls are to back business. Teddy Trouble Tina's husband lands in the Bahamas ready to perform. Noticing he appears heavy-hearted, Warryn asks what's on his mind. Teddy admits he hasn't been completely honest with his wife about his cheating and there is a lot more to the story. Teddy astonishes Warryn by telling him he didn't just have one affair, but countless. He wants to come clean to Tina about everything but tells Warryn he doesn't want to add fuel to the fire. "That fire is blazing," Warryn says. "It can't get any hotter!" Warryn advises Teddy to hold off until they are back home. Rock Bottom After watching Teddy and Warryn perform, Erica and Tina rush to their rooms to prepare for their set. With just twenty minutes until she must be on stage, Erica gets a call from her sister Lisa who has devastating news. "Dad has stage four cancer." The announcement makes Erica drop to her knees. Erica agrees to tell the rest of the family members who are in the Bahamas—including Tina—the following day. "With everything our family is going through, this is the last thing we need to hear. Why does everything happen to us at one time," she asks. Now Erica must attempt to uplift people on stage. The last day has the family at the home of a friend of Erica's to celebrate all of the birthdays. The afternoon starts with fun, family, friends and food. Everyone believes this is a wonderful way to end the Bahama's trip until the end of the afternoon when Erica sits down with Tina, Alana and Goo Goo. She tells the girls their father is sick and possibly dying. Not realizing how they will be able to continue on upon hearing this news, the sisters plan to go immediately to their father's side.

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