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Season 3, Episode 7

Tina decides that she and Teddy must separate, so she leaves town to get away from the stress.  A lackluster response to Erica’s solo performance humbles her.  Tina and Erica meet with Mitchell. Show Full Recap

As the saying goes, Life Has Its Ups and Downs, and the Marys are wading in a thick pool of downs right now. Tina is dealing with her husband confessing of not one, but multiple affairs over several years and she is trying (unsuccessfully) to process and deal with the situation.  Erica visits her sister for moral support as well as discuss a bit of business—mostly about Mitchell's infantile reaction to the Ebony magazine article in which Tina talks about the affair. One thing is for sure—the sisters are ready to pull the trigger and fire their manager. During the ladies' conversation, Tina tries to vocalize the pain she's been dealing with and makes the statement that she has lost her family. Erica argues that Tina's family isn't lost, it's just broken and tells her God can fix it. "At this point, I don't even know if I want God to fix it," she tells Erica.  Real Life Happens Erica tries to tell Tina to apply her faith to her marital issues. Shockingly, Tina tells Erica that she continues to learn about more and more affairs Teddy had and then goes off on a yelling jag—aimed at her husband who isn't there—and tells Erica she is having a hard time using her faith.  Erica is beginning to worry about Tina's emotional state and urges her sister to take time out for herself to be alone; no husband, no kids. Tina feels she will be abandoning her children if she takes a few days off, but decides to have Teddy stay with their kids while she takes some time out. She tells Erica that when she returns, she is going to have her husband move out of their home.  Erica Eats Humble Pie A radio event has Erica in Augusta, Georgia to promote her record, "A Little More Jesus." After pulling up to the event, security cannot find Erica's name on the list leaving them waiting in the car until they can get things straightened out. "This is a very different scenario than what I'm used to. I know Erica Campbell is a new artist, but Mary Mary is not. And I still have standards. This ain't cool," she fumes. Erica and Warryn are finally put in a trailer to wait until it's her time to perform and she continues to complain that her expectations are not being met. Warryn has to bring her down from her pedestal by explaining she must create a buzz about her song, then have people buy her song before she is allotted any of the perks. "This where we have to start," he tells her. "I don't need the attitude."  Because the show has more of a rap audience, Erica and Warryn notice the people are not getting into her song. Warryn believes because she showed up with a less than stellar attitude, her performance was tainted. "Erica is way better than this," he says. To make matters worse, after she sings, a reporter interviews Erica who only wants to discuss the Ebony article. Both Erica and Warryn are visibly frustrated.  Goodbye Mitch When Erica gets back to LA, the sisters sit down with Mitchell. His hope is to have Tina understand how upset he was about learning of the affair by reading it once it came out. But the sisters blindside him by telling him they no longer want him working as their manager.  The news doesn't seem to surprise Mitch, but his does have a few biting words upon his departure after Tina thanks him for the work he has done. "At this moment, not a single thing you've said to me sounds genuine, honest, or sincere," he says. "And it's vile."  Tina Takes A Break   After firing their manager, Erica and Tina discuss how difficult the recent past has been. Tina explains how the fighting in her life has been negatively effecting her. "I don't want to fight at work and I don't want to fight at home." With that, Tina tells her sister that she will be taking some time away for herself to see if God will perform a miracle in her life.

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