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Cloudy With a Chance of Pain

Season 3, Episode 4

Mitchell and Mary Mary clash. Teddy surprises Tina. Tina asks her mom for help.  Erica encourages her 9 year old daughter to perform on stage with Mary Mary. Show Full Recap

Relations are worse than ever between The Marys and their manager. Erica and Tina have had no contact with Mitchell since the latest blowout and now they must have an uncomfortable planning meeting to review upcoming events. Mitch joins the sisters at Erica's house for what they predict will be an awkward gathering—but they have no idea just how bad it will become. Mitchell starts the meeting by suggesting they hire another person for the day-to-day management of Mary Mary. Erica and Tina are against having anyone new handle their affairs and refuse Mitch's idea. “This is starting to feel personal," he says. He then explains he will be missing Mary Mary’s performance at Gospel Fest in Atlanta—a very important show for the duo. This infuriates Tina who has been ready to fire Mitch for a long time. Adding insult to injury, Erica sits down with Mitchell alone to tell him he needs to meet with her solo manager, Kenneth, and the record company, My Block. Mitchell refuses to meet with Kenneth. “Today you’re not getting what you want,” he fumes. Giving Back Before leaving for Gospel Fest, the Make-A-Wish foundation has arranged for Erica and Tina to meet a family whose daughter suffers from a chromosomal disorder and wants to meet Mary Mary. The little girl's favorite song is Mary Mary's "A God In Me" and the ladies perform a private concert for her, touching the hearts of all involved. During a mother-daughter moment, Erica's eight-year-old daughter is having a difficult time understanding why her mother is gone so often. After the Make-A-Wish experience, Erica is pulled to spend more time with Krista and decides to take her to the Atlanta show. In addition, she believes Gospel Fest is a perfect time for her daughter's stage debut. Ambush When Erica tells her husband that Mitchell yelled at her during a recent one-on-one conversation, Warryn expresses his frustration with Mitchell's disrespectful behavior. He believes Mitch's latest attack on his wife warrants a man-to-man meeting. Mitchell meets with the My Block team, including Erica's husband. Warryn embarrasses Mitchell by saying Erica is not one of his children and he is never to raise his voice to her again. Preparing to leave for Atlanta, Tina struggles with the fact that she'll be away from her husband. Teddy and Tina have been working on their relationship since the revelation that he was cheating on her for years while she was on the road. The thought of being away for work brings up hurtful feelings and doubts about her husband. Teddy promises to stay in constant contact to curb Tina's fears, but his reassurance doesn't seem to help. Once in Atlanta, the sisters realize the outdoor concert might be rained out. Worried about the weather and upset about being away from her husband, Tina gets a very happy and unexpected surprise when Teddy walks into her hotel room. Before hitting the stage, Erica's daughter has a serious bout of stage fright. In addition to having to reassure Krista, Mary Mary is rushed on stage to beat the rain. Even with the storm, the Marys pull off a great performance and Krista receives a warm reception from everyone. After the show, Erica and Tina meet an old friend who tells the ladies she has been trying to formulate a deal with Mary Mary and the Association of National Advertisers but no one has returned her calls. The ladies immediately know Mitchell has dropped the ball again and has missed yet another lucrative opportunity. Tina is so upset she is ready to fire Mitch on the spot with or without Erica.

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