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Cover Girls

Season 3, Episode 6

Mary Mary's Ebony cover story ignites a firestorm of controversy surrounding Tina and Teddy's relationship. Tina finds out Teddy's infidelity was worse than she thought and Erica stands by her sister through it all. Show Full Recap

Erica finally has a day off from being one-half of Mary Mary and has planned the christening of her two youngest children, Wozie and Zaya. With preparations all in place, Erica notices Tina hasn't arrived. After waiting for her sister and holding up the event, Erica disappointedly decides to have the christening without her sister. When Erica confronts Tina about not showing up, Tina unleashes on her sister explaining that Teddy recently sat down with her and wanted to be completely honest about his infidelity. Tina learns that what she initially thought was one affair, was actually a multitude of indiscretions with numerous women over many years. Knowing they’re on the cover of the upcoming Ebony magazine with an accompanied article in which Tina admits the couple is dealing with Teddy having an affair, no one knows what to do now that more information has come out. What’s worse is that Mitchell has been kept in the dark all along about the affair and the fact it will be in the article. Erica believes he will blow a gasket when he reads it in print. At this point, Tina doesn’t want to deal with anyone or anything in the outside world. Erica tells her they must perform a show in Chicago and get through a TV interview. “We’re going to hold our head up, and handle it,” she tells Tina who begrudgingly agrees to muddle through. Once the ladies are in Chicago, they receive a copy of the magazine featuring Mary Mary. Tina is happy overall with the coverage and agrees her story was told with class and dignity. Unfortunately Tina can’t show the least amount of happiness because she has such a heavy and broken heart. Erica believes there’s no way Tina is prepared for what she is about to face when people read the article. “This is the downside for always saying what you think and feel,” she says. The News Is Out Mitch lands in Chicago and calls his office. An assistant says the phones have been blowing up over calls about Mary Mary and the Ebony article in which Tina talks about Teddy having an affair. Mitchell is floored and furious that he has been left out of the loop. He goes straight to Erica to discuss why he had to find out after the article hit the streets. Erica fires back asking how he can make the situation about him when Tina is “walking through hell with gasoline drawers on.” He finally agrees to table the issue until they are all back in L.A. Tina excuses herself from a scheduled radio interview leaving Erica and Mitchell dodging a myriad of questions about her situation. With Erica having to handle the burden of the Ebony backlash and Tina barely able to get out of bed, Erica calls in her mother who jumps on the first plane to Chicago. Meanwhile, Teddy keeps trying to contact Tina because he is worried. When Tina hears he called, she goes through the roof. “If he cared about me, none of this would ever have happened,” she tells Erica. “He doesn’t need to be reassured about anything and I don’t want anyone talking to him. If he wants to know how I am, he can check with his harem. Before appearing on Windy City Live, Tina admits she wants to just run away rather than face the questions that might be asked. Luckily, the interview was not very painful and the ladies get through their performance on the show. Erica believes the only way Tina was able to perform was through divine intervention. Tina admits her music really helps her get through the most difficult of times but she’s all over the place right now. She has hurt that she doesn’t believe can ever be undone and doesn’t even really know if she wants to fight for her husband. She feels like she is at her breaking point.

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