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Family Feud

Season 3, Episode 1

When Erica and Tina return from their hiatus, Tina reveals a devastating truth about her marriage. Mary Mary lands the cover of Ebony Magazine. Erica concentrates on her solo career. Show Full Recap

Mary Mary kicked off its third season with not just a bang, but a sonic boom. And the first explosion came with the announcement that the duo took a much-needed break while Erica worked on her solo career and Tina worked on her family. Needing to prioritize her home life, another bombshell is dropped on Tina when she discovers her husband Teddy was unfaithful during the time she was on the road. A third devastation is revealed with the news that the ladies’ father has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. But the show must go on and Erica and Tina meet with Mitchell to get back to work on Mary Mary. Excited to be booked for the cover of Ebony Magazine but still irritated with Mitchell, Erica and Tina verbally lash out at their manager with a number of grievances. They are especially upset over an African tour that had to be cancelled within two weeks of leaving. With no sign of peace in sight, the ladies agree if the situation with Mitchell doesn’t change over the next few months, they will be forced to fire him. Over the group’s hiatus, Erica and her husband Warryn, who is also the producer of Mary Mary, work on Erica’s latest solo record. They decide to cut Mitchell out of managing her solo career, knowing full well this will be uncomfortable for all when Mitchell has to be told. Landing an Ebony Magazine interview and photo shoot is a dream come true for Erica and Tina, but “The Marys” have little time to revel as they begin rehearsing for an upcoming show in Las Vegas. During downtime, Erica learns of a red carpet event that Mitchell failed to bring to the ladies’ attention. Unbeknownst to Mitch, this drives another nail in his coffin. What Happens in Vegas Erica and Tina travel with their husbands to Nevada for the Las Vegas Soul Festival in which Mary Mary will be headlining. As the ladies get ready for the performance, their stylist Goo Goo—who is also their sister—is noticeably absent. Goo Goo is actually in Las Vegas styling a new client and this makes Tina irate when she discovers The Marys won’t have their stylist/sister with them before they perform. Even with previous sound challenges, Mary Mary gives a powerful performance and the ladies are very happy to be back on stage after the long interim. But no show will be complete without Mary drama, and Mitch makes sure to bring it. As Erica and Warryn are heading to their hotel after an exhausting performance, Mitchell catches up with the couple to ask once again about managing Erica solo. After stuttering and stammering, Erica blurts out that he will not be managing her solo career. As expected, this upsets Mitchell a great deal and he now wonders about his job security with Mary Mary. With Mitchell’s job on thin ice, Tina’s struggle to repair a damaged marriage, and Erica focusing on her solo career, the future of Mary Mary is quite uncertain.

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