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Holding The Fort

Season 3, Episode 8

While Tina’s away, Erica cannot cancel a Mary Mary charity concert so she recruits her other sisters to sing. Tina asks Teddy to move out. Warryn and Ken face off about Erica’s solo career. Show Full Recap

It's been a tumultuous few weeks for Mary Mary but the dust is finally settling. Mitchell has been fired, Teddy has come clean with every detail about his extramarital affairs over the years, and Tina has taken a break from anything and everything by getting out of town. With Tina gone, Erica finally has an opportunity to focus on the Erica Campbell brand. After meeting with her solo manager, Erica is feeling the pressure of finishing her album. Having only one song to her name, the brand can't go forward until the album is complete. The heat is now on Warryn who refuses to give Kenneth a release date for the album. The two men sit down to discuss the next steps for Erica and Warryn explains to Kenneth that creativity doesn't just turn on. "It happens when it happens," he says. But this news isn't what Ken wants to hear. He tells Warryn the album needs to be out by Christmas. "If we're going to make Erica the next big thing," Ken tells Warryn "it has to be this way or the highway." Cinderella Ball Mary Mary has been invited to perform at the Cinderella Ball—an event held for disabled veterans and their children—for the third consecutive year. Erica has vowed the group will perform, even without Tina, because "it's the right thing to do." After much coercion, she wrangles her sisters Goo Goo and Shanta to sing in Tina's place. Shanta is terrified to sing on stage and breaks down in tears during rehearsal. Erica is now worried she may not be ready to sing outside of church and she may have asked too much of her little sister. Sound check doesn't go any better with Shanta's nerves getting the better of her. In the end, Shanta pulls off a strong performance and everyone was happy with the entire event. Erica proclaims her sister an honorary member of Mary Mary and declares the Cinderella Ball a success. Teddy The Terrible Erica is finding it difficult to forgive Teddy for the pain she has heaped on her sister. Wanting to calm the waters, she asks Warryn's advice on whether she should speak with Teddy. Warryn tells Erica it has nothing to do with her and she shouldn't overstep her bounds, but Erica doesn't listen to him and sits down with Tina's husband anyway. Explaining she wants to forgive him but is still very angry, Erica tells Teddy she doesn't understand why he did what he did. "I was selfish and chose to run away from everything. Sex was my way of running away," he tells her. "But I will do what I have to do to keep my family together and it will not happen again." Unfortunately, Tina is not as quick to forgive Teddy as Erica is. During a heated phone call, Tina tells Erica she believes there is a chance Teddy is not supposed to be her husband anymore and she definitely can not trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Upon returning from her sabbatical, Tina has regained her strength, but she still has doubts about the survival of her marriage. She tells Erica she doesn't want to even think about her husband. "Right now, we've lost our way. I don't even want to see him," she tells Erica and her mother. "Teddy and I need to separate if we are ever going to make it together."

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