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Performing In Pain

Season 3, Episode 3

Tina shocks her publicist with the news that she did a tell-all interview with a national magazine. Erica hires a new solo manager and debuts her new single in New York City. Show Full Recap

The Marys have secured a spot on daytime talk show The View and are prepping to leave for New York City. Before they go, Erica and Tina sit down with manager Mitchell to smooth over any uncomfortable issues that might have carried over from weeks past; particularly when Mitch was told he is not managing Erica’s solo career and was also given notice that his job performance was being monitored. While the trio is planning the happenings in NYC, Erica tells Mitch she has a solo performance at The Village Underground. Anything having to do with the Erica Campbell brand upsets Mitchell and he makes it known that he is obviously unhappy. Meanwhile Warryn, Erica’s husband and producer, decides his wife needs an official manager after she leaks her first song by sending it to other gospel artists. He tells her to “quit sending your playbook to your competition” and the couple agrees to ask Mary Mary’s former manager, Kenneth Crear, to work with Erica. Back in The Big Apple After a stellar performance on The View, Erica, Tina, and Mitchell meet with publicist Patti to discuss the current plan for promoting the sisters. When the conversation begins to include the Erica Campbell brand, Mitchell clearly becomes irritated and snippy. Once the meeting concludes, Tina gets Patti alone and breaks down in tears when she explains that she unveiled all of her marital problems in the Ebony interview. “It’s a terrible thing to walk through life with secrets,” she tells Patti. Back at the hotel, Erica readies for her solo debut. Mitch stops by unexpectedly and Erica asks if he will be at the show. “You want me to watch you do something you have told me I can’t be a part of,” he asks rhetorically, “This shows a lack of sensitivity.” In the end however, Mitchell goes to the show deciding to support Erica, not as his client—but as a person he cares about. This makes Erica view Mitch differently. After a slow start, Erica gives an amazing performance. She receives such high accolades that she is asked to give a radio interview the following day. “This is huge” Erica gushes, “This just doesn’t happen anymore.” The catch? The interview is set for the same time as a Mary Mary branding meeting. Erica knows this will agitate Mitchell. Erica walks into the meeting after her radio interview to find Tina commanding the room. A Mary Mary handbag is in the works and everyone is excited about the venture. However Mitch doesn’t miss the opportunity to reprimand his client on her tardiness. “If Mitchell continues to make my solo efforts a source of conflict, then he will have to go,” Erica warns. Marital Struggles While in The Big Apple, the sisters are able to find some time alone and Tina tells Erica she is having second thoughts about telling her story in the Ebony article. She explains how much she is hurting from Teddy’s unfaithfulness and how torn she is about whether she wants to fight for her marriage. Erica vows to protect her sister from any backlash the article might bring. Once everyone is back in Los Angeles, Erica gets together with Kenneth Crear to discuss the management of her solo career and all agree she will be in good hands with his guidance. When the deal is done, Erica worries as to how Mitchell react upon hearing the news. Erica decides to bite the bullet and tells Mitchell she’s secured a solo manager. As expected, Mitch flies off the handle. He berates her for hiring another manager and this causes Erica to list all of Mitchell’s failures over the years. Shouting ensues and Mitch storms off in a huff. With Erica not knowing how long she can continue enduring Mitchell’s attitude and Mitchell claiming the bridge has been burned beyond repair, it looks as if Mary Mary will be needing new management sooner than later. 

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