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The Last Chord

Season 3, Episode 9

Erica’s bleeding vocal chords demand R&R but she has a packed performance schedule. Teddy wants to move back home, Tina waffles and the couple heads to marital counseling. Show Full Recap

Teddy and Tina are living under separate roofs, Erica is feeling the pressure by her manager Ken to get her solo album out, and the entire family is dealing with the cancer diagnosis of the sisters' father. Despite the turmoil, the ladies have hope things will turn around for the better sooner than later.  Tina and Teddy The Teddy Campbell household is still broken and Tina has been managing the family without her husband. Despite his pleas to return, Tina isn't ready to let him back and believes the couple needs to work on their issues separately for the time being. She asks Teddy to go back to counseling and he gladly agrees stating he will do anything to keep his wife and family. Will Erica be Good or Great As Warren works with Erica in the studio, he explains the significance of having his wife/artist give 100 percent of herself to her solo brand and not share her time working on Mary Mary. This weighs heavily on Erica because she doesn't want to feel as if she's giving up on Tina and the group they've built.  Warryn agrees to record another song with Erica but tells her after that, she must finish all Mary Mary obligations without taking any more performance dates. "You have to decided if you're going to be good or if you're going to be great. To be great takes more effort and time than you're putting in," he tells her.  While singing in the studio, Erica is having trouble hitting her notes. Knowing something is not right, she sees her doctor who verifies one of her vocal chords has a callus on it as well as a ruptured blood vessel. He says she must be cautious about how much she sings and definitely should not be singing outside. The Marys have a show in New Jersey outdoors in just a few days. The doctor tells her that she could scar her vocal chord and risk permanent damage.  Against her doctor's advice, the Mary Mary concert occurs as scheduled but Erica's throat is on fire after the first verse of the first song. When she sings solo, she doesn't even know if she can finishs the song for the pain and lack of voice control. She finally realizes she must rest her body and her voice and is keeping her fingers crossed that she has not hurt her voice in the long run.  After a month separation, Tina asks Teddy to move back home as they are both ready to work on their marriage and family. "I'm going to show you I'm not going to lose you and you've made the right decision," he says. During a counseling session, the two begin airing their past mistakes which open up an understanding of some of their problems. They agree to work on committing to the relationship and the future of Teddy and Tina looks hopeful.  Warren realizes something is going on with Erica's voice and he is floored that his wife has kept her diagnosis from him. He tells her she must cancel all Mary Mary performances because she is wrecking her voice. The thought of leaving the group that gave her everything causes Erica to break down in tears.

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