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Tina Tells All

Season 3, Episode 2

Tina tells Erica that she exposed Teddy’s infidelity in a magazine interview and is struggling with forgiveness. The ladies clash with their manager, Mitchell, and confront him with their dissatisfaction. Show Full Recap

The stress level for The Marys is at an all-time high and their manager Mitchell seems to be smack in their line of fire. On the plus side, Erica’s solo career is positioned for greatness and her husband/producer has the brand ready to skyrocket. But even with her professional life on track, tension still exists between Erica and Mitchell, especially after she explains he will not be handling her solo career. Since learning of her husband’s unfaithfulness, Tina refuses to take on any added anxiety and handles Mitch mostly through avoidance and snide comments. "I don't even want Mitch managing The Marys," she explains. Once Erica and Tina discover Mitch is behind yet another show cancellation, the ladies are at their wits end with him. Meanwhile, sister Goo Goo has been dealing with a strained, long-distance relationship. After dating Justin for a year and a half, the couple ultimately decides to go their separate ways. When Goo breaks the news to her sisters, Tina—who has never been a Justin fan—seems to have a difficult time hiding her happiness. Trouble At Home   After Mary Mary lands an Ebony Magazine cover and interview, Tina breaks down and discusses her marital issues in the article. Erica worries this will hurt Tina personally but is also concerned it will negatively affect Mary Mary. "I don't know what the outcome is going to be," Tina tells Erica. "I am literally walking by faith." In addition, Erica is concerned the drama could overshadow her latest solo release. Warryn has his sights set on Erica becoming "a superstar." With one shot to debut the Erica Campbell brand, he has planned a show in Augusta, Georgia and expects to preview her single at The Village Underground in New York City. The couple adamantly believes the success of Erica as a solo artist to be crucial. Bound for Baton Rouge   The Marys are off to Louisiana and Tina has extreme reservations since her husband's deception. Before the trip, Tina peppers Teddy with questions about his past, and wanting to know the whys of his betrayal. After answering all of her concerns, Teddy guarantees he will never be unfaithful to his wife again. Realizing he's on thin ice with his clients, Mitchell heads to Louisiana to cover his bases and manage any unforeseen issues. After a brief phone call with Mitch, Erica and Tina agree they must set a meeting with their manager after the Baton Rouge show to discuss his track record. Exasperated, Tina is ready to fire Mitch but Erica convinces her sister to give him a chance to redeem himself. Tina skips sound check before the show and Mitchell isn't happy about it in the least. Realizing something is going on with Tina but not allowed in the loop, he is clearly upset with Tina's silent treatment and drama. With a crushed spirit, Tina is worried about gathering the strength to not only perform, but to provide inspiration to her fans. Always the professionals, Erica and Tina put on a terrific show but not before a very emotional rendition of the song, Can't Give Up Now. "Everything that could go wrong, all went wrong at one time," Erica explains. "But we're all going to be alright." After the show, the ladies sit down with Mitchell to explain their expectations. Erica and Tina finally tell Mitch the management of the group must get better or they will be forced to sever ties with him. "We have every reason to walk away from Mitch," Tina says. "This is my life. I'm not throwing it away to save face with Mitchell."

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