Sneak Peek

Tragedy Strikes

Season 3, Episode 10

The sisters' father passes away. Erica’s injury holds her back. The tour may keep Tina and Teddy apart. Show Full Recap

The childhood church of Erica and Tina is filled to capacity with family and friends as the entire congregation bids farewell Eddie Atkins, the sisters' father who died days earlier. When Eddie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, all of the sisters believed their father would be restored to health and would live many more years. But this was not the case. Instead of dwelling on the sadness of his passing, Erica and Tina's mother Honey chose to celebrate his life. And celebrate they do as Honey directs the choir and all the Atkins children sing in the front row. With life still moving forward, Erica knows she must persevere and honor her commitments of two upcoming shows—one in San Diego and another, the Essence, in New Orleans. Erica and Warryn meet with her solo manager, Kenneth, who gives them the exciting news that "Erica Campbell the solo artist" will finally be performing internationally—in Australia to be exact. Erica's wish for years has been to sing outside of the U.S. and her dream is finally coming true...but, Ken explains, with a caveat: "They also want Mary Mary." Erica knows there is no way Tina will agree to travel so far from home for ten days. And worse yet, because Mary Mary isn't well-known in Australia, they won't be paid their usual fee. Ken explains what a great opportunity this will be for both Erica as a solo artist, and for Mary Mary. But she must convince Tina to agree to the trip—and very, very soon. Tina gives Erica an iffy...maybe. Erica's voice is shot After having trouble hitting her notes, Erica visits a doctor only to be diagnosed with what would be a devastating blow for any singer—she has a callus and bleeding on one of her vocal chords. The doctor gives her specific instructions not to use her voice at all or risk permanent damage. This is easier said than done for Erica. San Diego The entire Atkins extended family is in San Diego to bond after Eddie's funeral. With Mary Mary performing a concert, it seems fitting to the sisters to have everyone together. Warryn gives Erica specific instructions not to sing her solo song because it is vocally challenging and she is not supposed to be using her voice at all, much less performing. Erica wants her family to hear her new song, but she knows it is very risky, so she reassures Warryn that she won't sing it. In the end she says, "I can't help it. I gotta sing my song." And belts it out without holding back. Warryn is not the least bit pleased. "I should have put my foot down harder," he tells his wife. New Orleans After San Diego, the Marys head to Louisiana for the largest urban music festival, Essence. With hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the event, there was no way the ladies would miss the show. And because it's such an important event, Mary Mary is there giving interviews and attending meet and greets. Tina is struggling with her insecurities as she contemplates the trip to Australia. Her biggest fear is leaving her husband after they've just reconciled from a split caused by her husband's years of unfaithfulness. After much encouragement and reassurance from Teddy, Tina agrees to go to the land down under and Erica thrilled to no end. Due to the magnitude of the show, it's especially important that Erica—who will be singing her solo song on the center stage—delivers. Warryn is worried however, because Erica's voice seems to be getting worse and worse. "I don't know how she's going to pull it off," he says. The evening of the event, Erica and Warryn learn that she holds the most coveted spot in the song rotation. She will be closing the show. As her nerves get the better of her, Erica's throat seems to become more and more painful. With her start time looming, her emotions overcome her and she is in tears over the loss of her father. A brief pep talk from Tina steels her nerves and she is ready to go onstage. During her song, as Warryn explains, "Erica went into beast mode!" And needless to say, she killed it with the entire audience on its feet.

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