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I Only Have Eyes For Goo

Season 5, Episode 4
Aired 3.24.16

Goo is frustrated with Tina. Erica tries to steal Goo, setting Tina off. Erica turns into a diva; meltdown at an awards show. Show Full Recap

Goo is frustrated with Tina. Erica tries to steal Goo, setting Tina off. Erica turns into a diva; meltdown at an awards show.


Erica Campbell

Tina Campbell

Executive Producer

Tara Long

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Eric Hoberman

Gil Lopez

Howie Miller

Riaz Patel

John Morayniss

Mitchell Solarek

Tony Croll

Erica Campbell

Tina Campbell


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JB Zimmerman

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Jessica Ho

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Natalie Shabtai

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Sharon Mastropietro-Malone

Lead Editor

Justin Milaski


Tom Lannin

Lewis Avramovich

Chris Sestini

Gerry Becerril

Powell Browne

Daric Loo

Todd Batstone

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Trina-Marie Hill

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Wesley Ichishita

Meredith Kisgen

Mason Brown

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Scott Edlin

Jenna Socha

Adrian Prohaska

Manish Ayachit

David Garfield

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Micah Brown


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Terrell Mullin

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Ryan Keogh

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Heather Forte

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Julie Opala

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Michael Grantz

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Trevor Rowell

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Jewel Hargrove

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Grace Roberts

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Sylvie Benavides

Jacqueline Soletzky

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Chris Visser

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Charles Dayton, CAS

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Warryn Campbell

Erica Campbell

Tina Campbell

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Lisa Marie Angelo

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Lauren P. Gellert

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