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Honor Thy Momma

Season 1, Episode 3

Panic hits when Shawn’s mother moves into the house; a secret rendezvous is busted. Temptation arises and the women put a sudden and dramatic end to a private date. Momma Maggie witnesses an explosive fight. Show Full Recap

The house is blind-sided when an unexpected new roommate moves in; Shawn’s mother, Maggie. Panic ignites when the women try to sober up, straighten up, and get their act in order. With Maggie in the house laying down the law, the women undergo the ultimate test; the women will have to go through Momma to get to Shawn’s heart. A Casino Night with all the ladies, Pastor J and Momma Maggie, leads to the battle for Shawn’s attention. Mecca tries to keep her composure while Nes’s jealousy builds as Shawn starts to take a liking to Alex. Meanwhile, Angela coaxes Shawn into an alley for a secret rendezvous, creating tension with his mom. The night takes a sudden turn when the women are challenged to remove their makeup; a one on one date is granted to the woman who bares it all. Khalena refuses, but Pastor J gives her a chance to redeem herself the next day with a surprise one on one date with Shawn. Back at the house, a tray of apples leads the women to temptation when given the opportunity to put a sudden and dramatic end to Khalena’s date. A bitten apple turns into an explosive blowout and Momma see’s it all.


Executive Producer
Andrew Glassman

Executive Producer
Jeff Gaspin

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Aaron Long Quintin Strack

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Sam Berns Tony Croll

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Rachel Kielborn

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Steve Ponce

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Jaz "Buzz" Berger

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Kara Barnett
John Solomon

Associate Story Producers
Joel Samataro
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Kristin Wolven

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Edison S. Layne

Casting Producers
Candace Smith
Luli Batista

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Travis Curley

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Lucy Haskill
Bryce Whiting

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Pat Ebert
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Meghann Kruzel

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Torey Byrne

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Koon Hur

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Ezra Dweck

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DL Music
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Jingle Punks

Barbara Katz

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Suzanne Gladstone

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Amanda Welsh

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Benrus D. Madlangbayan

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Theresa Patiri

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Lauren P. Gellert

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