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Three, Two, The One

Season 2, Episode 7
Aired 6.30.16

Emotions explode when the final three women fight for Stevie’s heart. A sudden storm derails Roxie from a first kiss while Christina and Kimmy make a last ditch effort to win true love on their final dates. Show Full Recap

18 girls started the love journey with Stevie and now it’s down to the final three. For Christina, Roxie and Kimmy, it’s their last chance to win Stevie’s heart before he chooses “the one.” The competition ignites when Sherri Godmother grants the ladies extended dates where each women will get a full day with Stevie. Roxie, the only woman who has told Stevie she loves him, uses her last chance with Stevie to plant her first kiss, but a sudden storm derails her last ditch effort to take it to the next level. Christina tries to dance her way into Stevie’s heart when she finally opens up, revealing her true feelings during a date on a beautiful vineyard. Kimmy speeds her way to Stevie’s heart on her date at the race track. Back at the house, Momma Lola confesses her mixed emotions about each woman to Pastor J. She is adamant about having an African American daughter-in-law and still feels strongly on her reservations about Kimmy. Meanwhile, a romantic nightcap with Stevie heats up when Kimmy bares it all in a steamy bubble bath. As the final ceremony draws near, Stevie must evaluate the make it and break it moments for each of the ladies. In the end, who will he deem his match made in heaven?


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